Where would you be?


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Harrisburg, PA
Yea well you will always have cheapos. Don't know much about this field but as you can see I am reading about it.

Good luck with your year!!


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160 LF of LED, sounds to me like it is way to cheap!!

turf hokie

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Metro NY
Selling the lights or renting?

And I can tell you from experience, you will always get those that say "I thought it would only be xxx" or "we only wanted to spend xxx" even after you give them the minimum on the phone. Frustrating but stick to your minimum. I am still trying to figure out how to get away from the jobs we sold before we had a minimum. You CANNOT make money doing jobs for 500 I can tell you that much.


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Joliet, IL
Looks like you are in the ballpark, roof line is straight forward, not too many cuts. Five hundred is not enough, you should have $250 in material tops and half day of labor. Offer some sort of wreath at a discounted price, and maybe they will bite.

elves and company

David Gretzmier

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I would be at 1180 for LED, 1020 for incan. I would have well over 250 in materials for LED and quite a bit over 250 in labor and overhead recovery for 2 guys for a morning. and on top of that, you would have probably 2 guys for 2 hours to takedown and store it at your warehouse. so that is more money out as well. to pay yourself as a sales person and have profits to capitalize your business growth, you can't be much lower than where you are. It is frustrating to have folks want to spend 500 and you need 1000, but keep at it. you should close maybe 1 out of 4 or 5 bids the first year you do this. after 3-5 years you wil close closer to 35-40%.