Where's My Money!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MDMowing, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. MDMowing

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    We sent out invoices on July 1st. One customer we have is always good about paying on time. In fact her check is the FIRST one in the office. This month I sent the invoices, went to Tennessee for a weeks vacation ( much needed) come back and all the checks except for hers, and one that pays this week ( because it's a commercial account.) I corner the lady yesterday and asked "Where's my money?" ( did ask in a nice way)

    She was Shocked by my asking, she says she sent it out on the same day she got the invoice. I believe her, because she has never been late and like I said earlier, she is always the first one to pay. Any suggestions on what I should do. All of our Accounts are net 15 days. Today is the 15th.

    It may be lost in the mail, but who knows...? All of todays technology and the us postal service still can't track anything. Why is this? UPS don't have a problem tracking their stuff!
  2. Lawn DOG

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    You pay .37 cents to send a letter regular mail and you want tracking too. Try to send a payment via UPS and see what it cost. You could always have your customers pay you electronically or with credit card. I bet you don't want to pay the cost for those features.

    Yes, the technology is there but do you want to pay for it.

    Think of it this way. What would you do for .37 cents?
  3. redbull

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    Give it a little while longer -- - - just recieved a check dated & post marked JUNE 26
  4. Remsen1

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    This is a no brainer. Give her the benefit of the doubt since she sounds like the model customer. If I were her I may have taken offense, depending on how "nicely" you asked about your money.

    If it doesn't show up in 7-10 days explain to her that it may have gotten lost in the mail or lost otherwise. Tell her if you receive it that you will return it to her and ask her to write another.
  5. colonel landscaping

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    tellher to stop payment on it and write a new one.. place in envelope, tape inside of screen door the night before you are coming to mow again and then pick it up on the day you mow! easy as 1,2,3......4,5,6.. lol
  6. DLCS

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    Most banks here charge you $15.00 to stop payment. I don't think I'd ask a customer to do that.
  7. Turf Technologies

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    HAve her check with the Bank and see if it has cleared.
  8. Rob T

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    I would give it till your next billing period. If you still did not receive it, have her write another check and tell her you will return old check if you ever get it. She would not need to do a Stop Payment unless she wanted to. I wouldn't penalize her since she always pays on time.

    A friend received a letter at her work that was postmarked 5 years prior! Letter was dirty like it was laying on floor behind a desk all that time!
  9. DanG

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    I'm just as guilty as she is but with me it's not cashing the check the customer DID give to me on July 2nd.
    I went and mowed their place today and when they paid me(for today) they mentioned that the check they had given me hadn't cleared their bank yet.

    I found it in my truck console:)

  10. crazygator

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    I find myself having the same problem. I never lose a check, just have trouble finding time to run them to the bank.

    Good thing I have great customers who pay and not bounce checks!

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