Where's the Drought ?


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Northwest Ohio
I live in Northwest Ohio and everyone said we were going to have a drought. We've been getting about 2" water a week. Just think I get caught up and it rains for another 2 or 3 days straight. Don't think I'm bitching but I just wish the good LORD would pass some of this water on to you other guys that really need some water to stay in business. Yesterday we got 3" in about 2.5 HRS. Well hope you all get some of this RAIN. Mowman
Hello:<p>Thanks Mowman, we take any rain we can get it's been I think over 70 days & he have got only 1/2 inch of rain total.<p>Most lawns are brown, the only ones green are mostly irrigated. Cracks in the ground. It's hurting everybody just about.<p>Don't see many Lawn Service Trucks like you normally do here.<p>Any body got any rain they do not want, please send us a little. It's so bad here my weeds are dying. <p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home: www.lawnservicing.com<br>My Start Up Page www.lawnservicing.com/startup/


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Central CT
Take some of the rain we got here in Connecticut. Six inches in ten days. Inch and a half Sunday, along with high winds. I was fortunate, only one 60 foot by 16 inch tree fell in my yard, cut it up and piled the brush in the neighbors woodlot yesterday, many folks around here still without power. What the hell do you do with a 16 foot diameter rootball with a 100 foot oak attached to the other end? Lots of em around here, ground was so saturated, the wind just pushed all the trees over. Yesterdays high temp of 57 was a record low for high daily temp at least the past 100 years. Screwy. Ill light some candles for you folks down south. <p>Bill


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South East
Thanks for the gesture. No rain here either. About 100 out the now. Grassmaster we have about the same weather going


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Central Florida
It has been much better over the last week here, but still no major rainfall. At least four times it has looked as if we were going to get heavy rain, only to pass. I think we have gotten about an inch in the past eight days and it looks like we may get some today. At least with cloud cover it stays a little cooler.


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I got wet the other day mowing one of my schools! I packed up to leave and got a mile down the road and it was dry as a bone. I looked at it as a ray of hope though, if we can even get a good cloud up there to block some of the intense sunlight I feel confident that the Lord will let some of that sweet stuff fall!<p>I wonder if there is a way to consider the green industry in an agricultural category? That way if we can't get our grass to grow then we could call our insurance company for some relief.<p>Homer


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Coastal NH
Homer, <br> I agree with you. I 've always wondered why when other fields of work suffer due to environmental conditions, they get reimbursed. The same thing is going on up here with the fisherman. They have over fished the New England area and instead of being concerned that they'll be out of a job long term, they're pissed that they can't fish certain days, but the government will reimburse them for the money missed by having them attend a class each day sponsered by the fishery division. Imagine that, if we couldn't cut lawns, we attend a seminar on the green industry and we don't sweat or get dirty and we get paid the same that we would normally earn that day! The other thing that always bothers me is that why is it that when we have a drought, Chemlawn guys are stil out there in full force even with some towns in full water bans and then they post their best earnings ever? Sorry to go on, but you got me going. I guess it's call thinning of the heard.<p>Mike