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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mike Paulsen, Feb 2, 2001.

  1. Mike Paulsen

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    from Idaho
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    Where's your biggest profit margin. Is it in big lawns, landscaping, sprinklers, fertilizing, etc.? Mine used to be in sprinkler installation. Mowing seems to have caught up over the years do to a better route. I think sprinkler blow-outs is my biggest money maker per hour.
  2. Grassroots

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    As much a I hate doing it, pressure washing is our biggest $$ per hour. We will only take commercial pressure washing jobs. On average, works out to be about $130 an hour. We don't even own one, we rent the unit for $40/day. We do about 10-12 large jobs (7+ hrs) a year.
  3. SummitFarmer

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    Hey Grassroots
    What types of jobs do you do?? Do you do like parking lots and sidewalks or is it something else?? Thanks

    Summit Farmer
  4. Guest
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    We do anything, but mostly industrial and commercial jobs. A warehouse contract we have, an industrial plaza, but mostly beachside condos to remove salt and sand build-up. Don't do much parking lots, very very very time consuming with a 3000 psi Pressure Washer.
  5. rdh

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    is that mostly the stoco homes you do seems like they get a rusty look about 2feet above the ground and would need washing before painting (FLA homes)or is your work mostly decks and sidewalks and driveways?
  6. Guest
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    I like to stay away from residential pressure cleaning work. Just not worth the commute and the bids. We don't advertise but just mention the pressure cleaning work to commercial accounts we have. In the past I have done Stucco homes and the sidewalks/driveways, but lots of competition for these jobs doing an average single story house with drive and sidewalks for about $125-$140. Rule of thumb I like to use with pressure cleaning is only take jobs that I can devote 5+ hours to. Larger jobs, lots more profit margin.
  7. geogunn

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    from TN
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    my best money is in small commercials and churches. the small commercials are mostly hotels. if you have been to my area you have driven by some of my work. they are never large lots.

    the churches are a really good source of work because they need to be done each thursday or preferably friday. the reason is for weddings and receptions that happen on saturday. the parents of the bride insist that the grounds be done properly. I have never been paid by the wedding party for extra attention to the grounds. but the grounds committee chair person has called me to make sure that I was on top of the weekly cut.

    I always get a bunch of "emergency" calls in the summer. my name is out there and people that are having trouble with their regular service or mower problems always call before a backyard wedding or a family reuinion. I never turn these calls down because they've got a recomendation from someone that I am dependable. and I don't want to blow that reputation!

  8. 65hoss

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    I have one church and I'm in the process of picking up a few more. They really are good accounts. The church told me to do whatever I think needs to be done and just send them a bill. They like things to be nice. The also send a bonus check at christmas.
  9. kutnkru

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    We get our largest profits from mowing postage stamp sized lawns. They are usually around 2m/sf and take about 8 minutes. When we get five or six in a row it makes for a GREAT hour of production.

  10. jeffyr

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    postage stamps and planting shrubs/beds.

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