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Which 2 cycle oil do you use?



LawnSite Member
Northern NJ
I use Sthil...If you stick to the brand that the machines recommends, your pretty well covered. I have tried synthetic...but then It complicates things.
What complicates things? Different brands other than the original manufacturer?


Gruneich Lawn Care Inc.

LawnSite Senior Member
I have used Opti-2 synthetic in everything for the last 5 years, no problems in anything. I buy a case of the pouches that mix 2.5 gallons at the start of the year, dont have to worry about mixing it...

Fantasy Lawns

LawnSite Bronze Member
Space Coast
I get the Shin mix in the 5 gallon bucket .... last fall local dealer had buy 3 get 1 free @ $70 per bucket

Just transfer it into a 2 quart container n mix it at 13oz per 5 gallon of fuel ... no issues last 10 years

Watson's Landscaping

LawnSite Senior Member
I run amsoil 2 cycle mix in all my stuff and it runs great. Turns the gas blue so no way you could mix it up with any thing else. I'm also a dealer for amsoil so if you guys need any let me know I'll get you a price.