Which 21 is best

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Which 21 is best?

  1. Toro 22156 Self Propelled

  2. Exmark 21 X-series Self Propelled

  3. Snapper Hi-Vac Self Propelled

  4. Other Self Propelled

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  1. dKoester

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  2. weeze

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    i think it's $500 it may be $599. i haven't been to home depot in a long time since there's not one where i live.

    the honda rear discharges straight down which is a plus to me since the clippings won't be going into the street or onto sidewalks and such.
  3. weeze

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    to me that's the best part of the mower. i love the thumb controls. alot easier than pulling on a bail or levers. if your thumbs bother you then you can use your palms to push it down. i used to ride atv's all day long using thumb throttle. it never bothered me at all.

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