Which 21" Toro should I get?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnMowerMan2003, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. LawnMowerMan2003

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    I really need a new mower, because I'm tired of fixing the self-propel on my John Deere, and I can't leave it in the shop right now anyway. I can't afford to spend more than $300-$500 at this point, and I've considered buying a used mower, but I think it would be better to get a 21" Toro with the self-pacing system, since it goes pretty fast. I noticed there are several different mowers with this self-propel and I'm wondering what the difference is and which ones people here have used and would reccomend (I know the commercial Toro would be best, but that is out of my price range).
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    Don't get it if it has a Tecumseh engine!!!! Briggs is OK for a while but prefer the Suzuki 2 cycle or Kawasaki, etc.
    The Toro's do cut good. The Tecumseh engine on mine died today.... was gonna put a 2 cycle Lawn Boy engine on the mower but not until the Tecumseh died, well it's that time already LOL.

    On a side note about your Echo trimmer take it to your mechanic and see if he will adjust the load screw on the carburetor to make it alittle richer. It should have enough power for normal trimming IMO, if adjusted right. Have him look at the blower too it may be a quick and easy fix.
  3. Is ur business really called Trailer Trash Lawn Serivice. Or is that a joke?
  4. LawnMowerMan2003

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    BHB: I looked at the Toros in Home Depot for $360 and all they have is the Tecumseh. :mad:

    I had a Tecumseh on the only Snapper I bought new, and I was not very happy with it. The air filter was too small and kept clogging up quickly. I think I had to do a valve job after 2 seasons or so. I also hit a stump with it and bent the crankshaft, which was my fault, but I've hit stuff before and never bent a crankshaft. But that's all that Home Depot has, so I guess I'll have to find a dealer here that sells toro. If I remember correctly, the 2 dealers I usually use do not sell them. How long did your Tecumseh last? Anybody else used another Toro with the self-pace?

    Thanks for the tip on the Echo stuff. I think I was just spoiled by the SRM - 2601. As for the blower, I've had it in the shop several times, before the mechanic said one of the crank seals is bad, and it wouldn't be worth fixing. Before I couldn't get it to run at all, but it actually runs now with the choke almost all the way on, just not full RPM.

    CML: Just a joke about my business name, because of my current equipment. :)
  5. BobR

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    You wont find the 'good stuff' at lowes, home depo or wally world you are going to have to travel to your local Toro or Exmark dealer and purchase one of the COMMERCIAL mowers that they handle and hopefully have on display.. If you are lucky you might find a leftover 'proline' with the suzuki 2 cycle and BBC.. You are probably not going to find one though (last year made was 2002) so at least get a 'proline' with pressure lubrication. Bring your checkbook or a pile of cash cuz they aint cheep.
  6. LawnMowerMan2003

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    Even if I could a 2-cycle Proline I couldn't afford it. If I had the money I'd just spend $700-$800 for a Snapper or Gravely with a Wisconsin Robin 2-cycle or Kawasaki. What I'm looking for is something in the $300-$500 range. There seems to be several different Toro 21" mowers with rear wheel drive, and I'm not sure which one to get, althouh I'd much rather have the Briggs engine, than the Tecumseh. Then I'm kind of confused by the "recycler" and "super recycler". I'm guessing I should go with the "super recycler", since all I do is mulch, but I don't know what the difference is.
  7. DLS1

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    Is the 21" your main mower? If you don't buy something with metal wheels and gears for the self propel part of the mower than I think you will be stripping those plastic gears that come on those Home Depot Toro products. I bought a Toro recycler at Home Depot last year and brought it back in 3 weeks due to stripping gears. Can you borrow the money to spend a little extra for the Toro proline around $1,000.

    I think your spending money that will be wasted if this is your primary mower.
  8. BobR

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    I understand your reasoning - you can purchase 2 maybe 3 decent mowers for the price of one labeled 'commercial'.. The one thing I would look for is 'power lubrication' of the motor or get a 2 cycle, this will become very obvious when you start mowing side hills.
  9. LawnMowerMan2003

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    I was a little concerned about the plastic gears, since my John Deere has plastic gears as well, and I've had to repair the self-propel on it numerous times. I guess I was hoping it would last longer than 3 weeks!

    I don't have a source to borrow the money from, and I really don't want to push my John Deere around untill I get save up $700-$1000, but I don't to waste $300-$400 on **** either.

    I am happy with the reliabillity of the Snapper self-propel. As far as I know there are no plastic parts in it. Problem is, I'm still going to have to get a Briggs engine. The only mowers in the $400 price range that I know of with 2-cycle or pressurized lubrication would be the lawnboys (I think Home Depot here quit selling them too) or Hondas. I may just take my chances with a Briggs on a Snapper. Any suggestions? Should I just keep pushing my John Deere untill I have $800-$1000 (keeping in mind I have less than 10 small residential)?
  10. HOMER

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    Don't knock the ol' 2 cycle Lawnboy til you try one. Best 21" I've used so far! Got it from Lowes too! Less than $400.00.

    Snapper with Briggs: Wouldn't cut Bermuda without choking out.
    Lawnboy with 2 cycle: Has not been through anything yet that would choke it out (within reason of course).

    It's your budget.......all I know is it works.

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