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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by CorpusLawnCare, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. CorpusLawnCare

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    So I went in today to buy a new 32" Exmark belt driven and they have went up price extremely. Well like 600.00 Bucks.(Didn't end up getting it) I love my 32" exmark now, but for that price I believe it's just a little to much. I have another 32" Lesco that outperforms my Exmark in all categories, but since Lesco no longer makes walk behinds im out of luck. My next question is I've heard great things about Scag. Any advice would be very appreciated. Remember im dealing with 32" walk behinds only. Any advice or Input on why I may like another brand would be great! Thanks again.
  2. twobroslawns

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    We have a gravely 1332 and it's solid. I certainly have gripes about it (engine smokes like crazy sometimes but runs fine, uncut strip between blades with mulch kit and thick grass, squeaky brakes) but all in all it's not bad. It has a huge gas tank and is built very well. We actually park it in front of the door in our shed with just enough space to slide by and stand on the deck and deck cover to get to other stuff in the shed. It doesnt do anything to that cover when we do that. Also, my brother was ramping it into the truck and wasn't paying attention and it dropped and only slightly bent the back corner of the frame, where the tow hooks are.

    Hope that helps
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  3. frotis

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  4. reliablelawn

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    This will not be a popular answer, but I personally am having a lot of success with a Redhawk 32. I picked up the belt drive 32 earlier this season and have been very happy with the situation. I upgraded from a residential 33 (sutech stealth) so it is 100% better than that. But take it for granted because I have never used an exmark, scag, or anything else that is supposed to be a superior quality.

    Also, the redhawk was $1800 exact after taxes.
  5. CorpusLawnCare

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    Thanks for the comments guys. I was told ferris was good but no near by dealers in my area. As for the gravely I guess your saying it's durable? Redhawk is a no since IM not.to familiar with the Kohler engine. May just have to stick with the.Exmark. Anyone.ever use a bobcat?
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  6. frotis

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    Bobcat are very good, in my option build just as good as the eXmark, but the prices on the bobcats local to me see to be the same as eXmark.
  7. bjack312

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    I have a 32' toro, and am very pleased with it. Personally, I can't tell any difference between the cut of the Exmark and the Toro, but I do like to T-bar controls better than the pistol grips.

    What does your dealer want for a new machine. Most of my local dealers are selling them for $3,000 (for the Toro or Exmark).
  8. jspsc123

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    I have a snapper sw5 and i like it. i think i paid 2200 or 2300, cant remember. the dealer knocked off a couple hundred if i paid cash. its my first year mowing so i dont have anything to compare it to. the only thing i dont like about it are the handle bars. about once a day when turning the brake will get stuck. not that big a deal. im still switching blades around but the factory ones cut good. i have mixed feelings about the gators i just put on
  9. CorpusLawnCare

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    Thanks guys. Exmark is 2959.00 out the door. I paid 2355. for my last one just wondering why they went so much in price. I was thinking about the bobcat look very well made.

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