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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stevesmowing, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. stevesmowing

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    I am looking at aerators for ztrs. I think I want a front mount so I can get close and not need a walkbehind as well. I am looking at the Gator-Rator, Trac-Vac and JRCO. The price on the Gator-Rator and Trac-Vac is about the same, idk the price on the JRCO I e-mailed to find out tonight. I like that the Gator-Rator puts more weight on the unit and therefore pulls up to an 1.25" longer plug than trac-vac (3.75 vs 2.5). The gato-rator is also rated at 10mph. The JRCO one is nice b/c you can leave it down when you turn. It says "Up to 3" hole depth with soft plug aeration". That makes me wonder how soft the gound must be for it to work. If anyone has had experience with any of these please let me know.

  2. The mayor

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    I was in the same boat as you. My uncle had the jrco and claims it didn't pull a decent plug. As for the others I couldn't get enough info on them. I ended up getting a pull behind and using a walker for the small stuff.
  3. Shady Brook

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    I don't think the gator-rator is going to be about the same price as the trac-vac unit. When I got the Trac-vac the price was about 1000 bucks less if I remember correctly. I have not tried any of the others, but the Trac-vac does a nice job in soft soil. You can move fast and penetration is good. The 48" unit also covers alot of ground with alot of cores. I do believe the cores may be smaller diameter then the other units. Mine has gotton a bit loose where it mounts, it does not elevate high enough for my liking to climb curbs or lift around objects. The electical connector was pretty light duty and fell off after maybe 20 hours use as well. I need an aerator that will go through some clay, and unless the soil is saturated there is no hope, but this could hold true for the other units as well. I would look hard at a different brand for my next unit. Hope this helps.
  4. KathysLGC

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    I was going through the same thing a while ago and decided on the pull behind unit not thinking about not being able to get it in tight places.... I am very happy with the pull behind unit because of the time it saves.
  5. The mayor

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    Playboy, Which model pullbehind did you decide to go with. I went with a ryan because of the electric lift.
  6. TLS

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    I have the Gator Rator.

    Well built machine.

    Fast in open areas.

    Cant turn with it though, and on small lawns you really have to do a LOT of maneuvering, all while driving over your cores and holes.

    But on 1/2 acre and larger open lawns, nothing can compare.
  7. KathysLGC

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    Not sure what model it is. It's a blue bird.

    Blue bird.jpg
  8. stevesmowing

    stevesmowing LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks for the replys, its sounding like the JRCO is out even though you can turn with it down which would be nice. It sounds like the gator rator is a good choice if you want a good plug. About how long does it take to do a .5 acre lot (15,000 sq. feet of lawn) w/o the extension width on the gator rator

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