Which Backpack Blower?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Flyrod, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. Flyrod

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    I am not a lawn pro, just a homeowner with an acre of property with some massive Red Oaks. I'd like to cut my raking down because of a bad leg. I have narrowed my choices between a Shindaiwa EB630 and an Echo PB650. On paper they look pretty close in performance and in price, so the question is, which is the better built machine? I was considering the big Redmax as well, but dealers are to far away.

    BRIAN FOLEY LawnSite Member
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    I have the Echo 650 and it is one hell of a blower, The only draw back is it is Heavy. Buy the echo if the dealer is close and can offer support if needed. The echo should cost you about 450.00 .No problems with mine and it will do the job on the leaves fr you.I was blowing piles of wet leaves 3 feet high in the spring. Brian
  3. P&J Lawncare

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    JACKSONBRIT LawnSite Member
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    I have all Shindaiwa trimmers, edgers and a Shindaiwa back-pack blower, I have never used echo but my shindaiwas are AWESOME. I have had the blower for 5 years with no problems at all. If John Deere backs and sells this product its gotta be good, it is for me anyway.
    Good Luck!!!!!
  5. Farmboy

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    The shindawa is made by redmax!
  6. Both good blowers-try both on and see what feels right as far as controls/operation.
    I bought the pb 650
  7. TurfGuyTX

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    Bob, any snow yet?
  8. Just the moutains-none in the city yet. In the 40s while mowing today.
  9. Swampbeast

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    Echo 650 definately! Its one awesome blower! Yeah its a little heavy, but thats why its a back pack model. It will pick annoying little dogs like those little Taco Bell dogs up and hurl them backwards. I know, I have done it. That stupid thing tried to bite me! Ha! He hasnt tried it again....:D

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