Which batteries?


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I need to change the batteries in my 88 GMC 3500 diesel. What is the minimum size I should get, and what brands are good? I have compared Die Hards and Autozone, and they are similar in price. Your thoughts?


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Ifit was my decision, I would go with the Diehard. Have always had good experience with the brand. Size wise, you should be able to determine that from your owners manual, or the parts house.

There are some new batteries out there now .. Optima Redt op or yellow top... They are a gel battery I believe. The sound like they would be good, but heard they are a bit pricey.

They are made for Off roading and Marine use. Check them out if you can find a dealer. sorry I don't have a link for them

Good luck


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I put Interstate in my powerstroke diesel and i got the bigest ones that they could fit always better to have more than less.They were too very expensive for a good cca one and always go by the clod cranking amp and not just the cranking amps.


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I would get the most powerfull battery that will fit in your truck.