Which brand of spreader?


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Cheyenne, WY
I'm looking for a new(bigger) broadcast spreader. I'm thinking of buying a Spyker. I haven't bought one yet, but I need to pretty soon. If I remember correctly I think it was just under $400. Does anyone have a Spyker, and if so how do you like it? I was also thinking about Lesco or Bigfoot. The reason I'm leaning towards the Spyker is because that is what my main supplier sells. I would like to keep all my business with them, because the more I buy from them the more of a deal I get in the long run.

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Personally, I think you cannot beat the Anderson's (Scotts) spreader. As far as accuracy, they are the best spreader out there. As far as putting them up against anything, they will consistantly be the best in pan tests. I assume you want something with a bigger hopper though.

I have used the Bigfoot and found the results to be so-so. They are definitely not as accurate as the Anderson's, but they are big and stable. Currently the Bigfoot is used to spread topdressing. Our Lesco has not faired much better. That one was terrible when compared to the Anderson's and wasn't very big either. Acutally I remember doing some nice stripng with the Lesco, it was so off. The Lesco now spreads nothing but rock salt.