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    Ok heres my deal,I was talking to a good friend of mine in the biz and he said that he has an opp to buy a water garden biz but thinks he wants to much,I know no details but was mentioned to me that he would want a partner,hes a great guy to work with but i dont know if that would change...I love what i do but am getting tired of it and would like to try something new,,I make a good liven but its so dry and they say its going to stay like that for a while...so i dont know what to do but thought i would get some input,,,almost forgot check out www.creativewaterscapes.com<p>thats the biz that im talkin about<p>Thanks,Tim Campbell<p><br>
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    check out www.aquascapedesigns.com thy sem to have a very good system i also thought about expanding into water gardens after i get my lawn care business esablished i am very creative and i think i would enjoy this<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
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    Watergardens = 1 time application<br>need to scrape and dig for another customer to feed your family and pay your bills<p>Lawnservice = repeat, monthly, yearly, semi-yearly income with large customer base, set up correctly it will feed and pay your bills 12 months a year.<p>My suggestion would be to offer this type of work as a sideline to your existing business until it reaches a point where backlog looks sufficient to support you. Why is the biz being sold? Better look at the &quot;books&quot;.<br>Partnerships............not me, not again! Friends and business do not mix.<p>I would add this to your business if you want to do it to fill in the voids created by the dry times or even in the off season when you have more time to do it. Find out how much money something like this can generate and if it will support 2 familys before entering into a partnership. If anything, let your friend buy the business and use your customer base to generate business for him, take a percentage of the sales that you have provided him or help with the installs and charge a percentage of the profit, you both win in this scenario and you really have no risk.<p>One thing I didn't realize when I went into a partnership was that landscape and irrigation was seasonal! I thought it would last all summer, it didn't, spring and fall around here were the busy months and summer was dead months! Never knew that.<br>Water gardens are not a necessity, they are an item for those with expendable income, that want something pretty to look at.<p>Homer
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    Tim,<p>Homer hit the nail on the head!!!<br>I used to do landscaping for over 100 accounts in my area. Some things I'ved learned:<br>1. The moneys good but in spirts<br>2. Takes a great deal of time to estimate<br>3. Sometimes customers won't tell you their budget.<br>4. Even if you don't get the job you give a free estimate.(might take hours of your time)<br>I like Lawn Maintenance steady money fast estimating. Do the water garden on the side.<br>Whats your market? I know in this area we don't have much of a water garden market. Most guys do it as an added feature.<br>At any rate Good Luck and do your research!!!<br>Travis <br>AG&G Lawn Maintenance :)<br>
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    Since this company uses Aquascapes and PSA, which are companies that offer good support and training, you need to think about what is being sold with this company. Unless there is a large, expanding potential customer base, this may turn into a slow business. The above posts pose important issues to think about. Doing this part-time seems like a safer way to go. And, yes, their web site is pretty but can lock up your computer.<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>
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    Homer is right,friends and business don't mix<br>You'll only end up losing your friendship.<br>He's also right about having regular income<br>from mowing.Sounds like this would be a good<br>sideline business though.Check the figures.<p>Karl<br>
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    Ok.another idea what if I get a pest and fert app license,....and take care of all my cust. lawns,shrubs,weeds..I take care of weeds now but would it be worth the time and money to go to school(dumb question)and how long does it take and how much $$$I have thought a lot about it in the past but thought i woudnt have the time,,<p>THANKS,Tim Campbell<br>CCLC
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