which chain saw ?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by blk90s13, Apr 14, 2008.

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    I have a couple of dead trees in my back yard ( pulled out the ground when installed new spetinc tank field ) and i need to cut them down to smalled pieces and taken them into the township dump

    unless anyone wants to come get what ever they want to use for fire wood I also have about an acr of trees looking to clear out who ever want the wood for free come cut and haul away all you want ?

    Is this how it works ? I am trying to avoind paying for taking out trees

    what chain saw shoudl i buy ? looked at the 18 inch HUSQVARNA its about $229 40cc 2 cycle auto lube is that good enough for home owner use ? or is it an over kill
  2. Ooomwizard

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    That saw will work just fine.

    If ya ad on Craigslist somebody may come over to hack up your trees. (Will probably leave a mess and hope they aren't within fell-shot of your house!)

    Propbably not a pro here will do it for wood.

  3. Steve Swail

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    Husqvarna & Stihl are both great choices, even if you go at the very lowest end of their chainsaw lineup. Even if you use the saw once or twice & decide you want to get rid of it, you'll have a much easier time selling one of the above mentioned brands than you will a cheaper, "homeowner" brand. There is a reason these two are the choice of a lot of pros who run saws for a living....

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