Which chain saw???

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by BlazerRidge, May 30, 2011.

  1. bmac1996acc

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    If you got it at a big box store, chances are your Husqvarna saw IS a Poulan. Electolux owns them both and the homeowner model saws are Poulans with orange plastic. My Husqvarna 365 Special (new model is the 570), however, is no crappy Poulan.



  2. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    thats what i have. An 80's one. Kicks A$$!:weightlifter:
  3. lyndont

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    I have a ms290 and it will drop some good sized trees but I use my 250 the most because it is a lot lighter but has a decent amount of power. I liked the look of the 211 but the dealer pointed out that the chain on those was a lot less aggressive and for a little more money the 250 is a better deal. I think he was right. I love mine.
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  4. TheOctagon

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    I would see if you have a dealer in the area who sells dolmar. I am a dealer for them and they are great saws. Less known than stihl and husqvarna but are built of the same caliber. Look at a 510 or 5105 which are both great pro grade saws that you can pick up for a decent price. Worth looking for in my opinion.

    If you dont mind used.... Look for a stihl ms361.
  5. wimpy

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    This is not true. Electrolux used to own Husqvarna years ago. Husqvarna is their own company and haven been for years. There are many models at the box stores that are not Poulans.
  6. RIlawns

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    Husqvarna 359 hands down your best options. Any of the new 450 455 saws are mostly plactic... under the exhaust etc. The 359 will run 16 to 24" bar no problem. Great all around reliable saw. I've had mine for 6 years and never and issue. Just remember to drain the fuel when your not going to use it for more than a week and she'll treat you good. Lots of good used ones on ebay, just bought one with no compression for 25 bucks... OEM cylinder kit 175.00 on ebay.. brand new saw for less than 250. You can't beat it for a general purpose all around saw.

    For comparison... check out you tube stihl vs husqvarna air intake.. watch the vid and you'll be sold.

    Good luck

  7. lawnpro724

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    If you want a great saw get a Jonsered. I have used their 2050 saws for years and they are by far the best saws I and several friends have ever used. Efco saws are also very good but they are heavy.
  8. Green Industry Pro

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    Stilh and Husqvarna are the best. I can't give you an opinion based on first hand experience, but everyone around where I live seems to prefer Stihl. Just a cool side note, my grandpa still has an old Sears Craftsman chainsaw from the 1970s, it still runs and we use it occasionally on small jobs. They don't make stuff how they used to :/

  9. jwsland

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    http://youtu.be/Rztm0HM9XzE interesting but doesn't mean everything when buying a saw.

    I will say the top two are stihl and husq. More seem to prefer stihl from what I've found.
  10. GrandMaster

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    Sthil only for saws!!!! The farm boss ms290 would be great for your needs.:weightlifter:

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