Which chain saw???

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by BlazerRidge, May 30, 2011.

  1. KrayzKajun

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    My 3main saws are a Husky 455 Rancher w/20" bar, Husky 235 w/ 14" bar and an Echo CS370 w/16" bar. Plan to add a nice Stihl ths winter
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  2. LindblomRJ

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    I have a husky 141 with a 14" bar. It is ok. Not the best husky. The other I have a 460 Rancher with a 20" bar. That is a fun saw to run.
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    I've used a half-dozen bargain gas ones. All junked after one fitful season each. But two kinds turned out to be good deals.

    1. I bought four new electrics @ $50. I run them from an extension cord to an inverter connected to a truck or tractor battery. For light work they're light, quiet, simple. It was good to know one of them was there when the gas one wouldn't start. After six years of considerable use, all but one (that I scavanged for parts) are still working like new.

    2. For heavier work, I bought a Stihl (two because one was stolen). Sold only at authorized dealers. Costly; best I could do was a couple of free chains.

    Always starts, hot or cold, all seasons (if you follow directions, won't if you don't). Basic maintenance (chain adusting, dissembly for cleaning, caps off/on, bar & chain switch) easy to do in the field without tools.

    They work forever, so on my second I got extra chains and an extra bar, sprocket, plug. I install a short bar/chain for working up a tree. Learned the hard way to replace the sprocket (one-minute job) after every 3 new chains. Learn how to service the bar as well as the chain.

    The documentation is not as user-friendly as the saw. The manual that comes with it manages to hide what you need to know, and tells you everything you don't need to know in multiple languages. The info on a chain box is incomprehensible. So spend some time with the dealer, and ask for a copy of the excellent "Stihl Maintenance and Safety Manual" (covers the chain, bar, sprocket).
  4. jvanvliet

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    I haveowned a Stihl MS290 Farm Boss for over seven years, no problems, a little underpowered on hardwoods but performs extremely well overall. Iit's a little too big for trim jobs. You might want to look at a ms190 or 200. I have one of each, the MS200 has a overhand grip which makes it great for trimming and it has enough power to handle the big stuff & hardwoods (16" blade). Costs a little more but worth the money.
  5. Ben's Landscape

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    not sure if you bought one but i just bought a 450 husqvarna it was a piece of junk after about 15x of cutting(we had a storm in NE hurricane irene) the oiler stoped working, would stall randomly and be like 6 pulls to restart it.

    I returned it have to say Tractor Supply is really good about that. I upgraded to the 455 Rancher with the 20 in bar that saw is great! fast, reliable, runs great. has the 3/8 chain wich my 450 had a 3/16 chain so its heavyer, nicer features on it.

    If you go with husqvarna definatly turn up your oil pump. this is very simple to do just turn a screw on the bottom of the saw. I did that just so that i now the bar and chain are getting more than enough oil. Also it will prolong the life of both the chain and bar. Good luck.

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