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Hey everyone,

I saw somewhere somebody had a seven step maintenance program they offered to their clients. Consisting of mowing, edging, bed cleanup,weeding, plant trimming ( as required )and 2 other things basically an upsell to regular mow blow and go. I know that say a mow and go cost $50.00 and the more involved lets call it premium service would be $100.00 that its same $$, less stops, less fuel, and 1/2 the clients serviced that day. I think its better to sell these additional services seperatly and at a higher price labor wise ( cause its not just lawn mowing ).
And i dont wanna charge my clients shrub trimming weekly, or weeding when i prob only be doing it monthly seems unethical to me. The service i give most of my clients besides the slum landlords that just want the grass knocked down is Lawn mowed, string trim around everything, string edge the front walkway and driveway. I feel it would be hard to sell the premium service to these clients as their price would double weekly, but their property would look manicured all the time not just 2 - 3 times a season when i do trim and weed. Perhaps if your suggestions favor towards the premium service ill sell that to new clients. fyi I do have a couple of clients that insist on the premium service. SO...which would you prefer?
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