Which commercial ZTR has the best bagging system?


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Rolla, Missouri
And not walker. They're ok, but I do not want one.

I have had a cub commercial for the last 8 years and have loved the bagging system on it. The clamshell bagger that sits a bit above the engine is great for weight and length. But it is time to replace it.

Which mower have you guys seen to have the best bagger? I do not like walkers and I do not want a second engine to have to worry about.


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Easton, PA
scag is ok. The blower housing weighs a ton. Plus out of the box, the way it's 'designed' to be used, it's not the fastest to take off. I also had to cut my blower tube shorter, it was so long it would sag and wet grass would get stuck. The Exmark bagger comes off fast and isn't heavy. I also had a Yazoo/Kees which was the same design as the Exmark and was quick to take off and was pretty light.