Which Controller?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jahcad, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Sprinkus

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    Hunter I-Core
    Well, it doesn't have a great weather station but the package is affordable for residential.
  2. mitchgo

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    Hey Hey meow!

    Check those prices and see for yourself :)

    The new lx offers a bunch of features at a reasonable price.

    + This guy doesn't need close attention he's just over worried about it.
  3. cppendergrast

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    I agree. A Rainbird LXME would cover most of the bases for residential, regardless of the management devices and functions you would need. For the money, I have very positive results with them
  4. cjohn2000

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    Hunter I Core w/ flow sync and solar sync is a decent combo and only sets you back roughly 6-700 in parts around here. Just installed one last week for a guy overlooking the water on a slope. 3 zones.
  5. Mike Leary

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    Just kidding, Mitch. That does look like a pretty nice clock. Always room for an upsell, though. :dancing:
  6. djagusch

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    Go talk to Ann at jdl ham lake. Pic doesn't come up on my phone so I can't say on that.

    Water sandy soil and deep watering doesn't work for the most part. The sand only holds so much before it drains away. You need to figure out root depth and then do some figuring based on soil. Watering for 2.5 hrs you are wasting probably 2 hrs of that water. Best bet is to topdress the yard each year to build a yard that isn't sand. You'll save a lot in water overtime by topdressing.
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  7. Kiril

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    The locals are morons.

    I question the watering of the forest once a week.
  8. DanaMac

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    Some of you might not like my opinion on this, but that's how it goes :)
    I think a controller should be the last piece of the puzzle in a quality system. Proper in field design, installation and parts are more crucial that the controller. With proper knowledge and experience, one can set a controller pretty accurate for your local soil, climate, and turf without the need for a smart controller. I'm not saying the smart controllers are not worth it, but they are also the highest cost, component wise, for the majority of sprinkler systems. I would be more concerned about design layout and spacing, proper heads and nozzles, designed to prevent runoff, knowledge of how the water should be applied, before putting out the extra for an expensive controller.

    I know this isn't what the OP was asking for, but just throwing in my $0.02. I do like the RB ESP SMT though.
  9. NC_Irrigator

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    ive had good luck with the rainbird esplxme and their decoder controller when utilizing the flow monitor
  10. Rotor_Tool

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    Go with a Rainmaster Eagle Plus 8 station controller. You will have the ability to wire in a flow sensor and if you want ET, you can opt for the ICard to give you zip ET from Rainmaster and the ability to set up alerts via email or text messaging and internet based central control. The RB LX is a nice controller, but adding flow is not inexpensive and you still have to add the ETC if you want ET based control.

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