Which dealer: Hustler or Landpride?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wolfman, Jun 30, 2004.

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    First I'll say THIS- I have been reading a lot (I mean hours and hours) on here especially about the Hustler ZTRs - and I really have enjoyed all the great advice and info that is posted here!

    I'm a father of 2 that works at UPS 4:30 - 9:30 a.m. - run 90 mph and lift between 800- 1000 boxes (loader) every morning at UPS, then I go to my second job between 1:00-5:00 p.m., also take 2 classes at university and the last thing I want to do is _walk_ behind a mower after that.

    But riding a ztr I can do and have done in the past. I 'm really set on the Hustler 52" super-mini-z with either a Kawasaki 25 or with the Honda 24 OR a Landpride 52" Razor Pro (just like the Hustler mini-z - BUT they do not offer a super series) with the 24 Honda.

    I can get the NEW Landpride 52" Razor Pro w/24 Honda for $6,400 ...

    ....or I can get a NEW Hustler Super mini-z 52" w/ a Kawasaki 25 hp for $6,700 – That price seems awesome!? OR IS IT?

    BUT MY CONCERN IS that the Hustler dealer is 75 - 80 miles away - but got him to say that he would drive in a mechanic and lend me a loaner. SOUNDS GOOD but real leery with that type of promise since they have only been a Hustler Dealer since February '04! I know nothing about their service - yet!

    On the other hand my Landpride Dealer is local and heard they offer real good service!

    The price is so tempting on the Hustler and the thought of having an oil cooler and the bigger Hydro pumps and a 25 hp Kaw. vs. the 24 Honda SEEMS IRRESISTIBLE!


    I have a 1/2 acre yard and plan to try and GET some more 1/2 acre yards to help pay for this thing and I'm currently working on trying to get a 5 to 6 acre commercial account that is mowed only twice a MONTH - YEAH GETS HIGH AND THICK - and very WEEDY! But getting this one is probably a long shot – a whole other topic.

    Also want a mower that will last for a long time!

    I need help in deciding on the mini vs. the super - I don't really have any hills except for the ditches in my 1/2 acre yard.

    My questions are:

    1.) What about the 25 hp Kaw. vs. the 24 Honda?

    I have had nothing but Honda motorcycles (6) since 1979 and not one has given me a problem! I really have faith in their engines!!!

    BUT is HONDA STILL TOO NEW TO THE ZTR WORLD to see any major PROBLEMS or to really have a fair comparison with the Kawasaki?

    2.) Can you really mow any faster with the super vs mini or is it just transport speed? It does seem with the torque difference between the 25 hp Kaw. vs. the 24 Honda - might make a difference in thick grass?

    3.) Do the bigger pumps (on the super vs. mini.) make a big difference in any other situation, besides speed? – WILL THEY TRULY LAST ANY LONGER (just mowing on flat ground down here-ALTHOUGH hot summers here in Texas) OVER THE YEARS? – Or do they just cost more to replace?

    4.) If I research -and find out that the 80 mile away Hustler Dealer does offer real good service and he will put the drive to my house service AND LOANER -warranty- in writing then should I go with them or just stay local???

    Since I really take care of my equipment and have heard so many good things about Hustler I'm hoping there would be very minimal service problems anyway?

    Thinking about getting a super mini 25 hp Kawasaki for just $300 more than a mini (Landpride 52" Razor Pro w/ 24 hp Honda ) seems so tempting!


    Thanks so much,
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    I'll sum it up for you: 1 On 1/2 acre properties you'll never need the extra speed of the super, 2 I would seriouslly doubt the dealers claims 3 Our church has the razor ( exact model you described) And the ONLY thing that I don't like about it is the rear tires are too small. Otherwise It's a great machine. On another note I'd make sure you can generate the work before I spent that much coin on anything. For the record, our local Landpride dealer was pretty willing to deal, But I found a better deal on another kind of mower in Houston.
  3. wolfman

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    Thanks for the info - which mower did you get?

    The NEW razor- PRO ( the Landpride razor is like the fastrak but the pro series is like the hustler mini-z) now has the 23 inch tires - per - PJ the Hustler mower consultant.

    i DON'T PLAN ON JUST 1/2 ACRE LOTS those are just close to me (all the houses are i/2 in my neighborhood)- also trying to get several acre commercial accounts as well.

    - would go up to the full size but like the versatile compact 52 and all I can swing $$ for now! (still need a back-pack blower and trailer) they have a demo but can't sell it to me until 1st of August.

    They quoted me 6450 for it originally, but today told me he didn't realize they couldn't sell it until then (I suppose he felt bad so offered the new one at a real good price? - I would rather buy the new for 250.00 dollars more.

    1.)- so you don't think 300.00 difference for the larger pumps, oil cooler, speed - and 25 hp vs 24 hp is worth it?

    2.) - or you leery of the HUSTLER dealer's promise 80 miles away?

    I'm hoping there will be more Hustler dealers in the near future closer to me - I guess 75- 80 miles away isn't the end of the world for now?

    For the life of me I can't understand why The Hustler dealers seem to be in the little towns and Landpride is in the bigger cities around me (in TEXAS)????

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