Which deck size should I purchase?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cleon12, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. cleon12

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    I am looking into mowing our church's property (approximately 6 acres of flat ground with a few obstacles). I would also like to use this mower to pick up a few other accounts, residential mainly. I am torn between purchasing a 60" deck for the church property and a 52" deck for more residential yards in my neighborhood. I do not want to have two mowers, since this will be a part time gig. Also, I will need to purchase a trailer and have found a large difference in price between a 5’ bed and 6’ bed. Any suggestions?
  2. glenjr10

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    if you decide to get a 60" mower, then you will be foreced to get a 6' trailer, because there must have some clearance between the sides and the mower.

    I woul personally get the larger trailer (if you can afford it) because it would always be able to go fi you enjoy cutting lawns
  3. Tom in NC

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    Keep looking for trailers. I found a brand new 6' x 10' trailer for $500 from a local company that claimed to be going out of business. I've run that trailer for two years and its held up great. Bearing are still in good shape and the tires stil look decent. Deals are out there, you just need to take time to find them.
  4. cleon12

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    Thanks for the imput. I am still trying to find a 6x10, but not as good a deal as $500. Still would like some opinions on the 60" vs 52" deck size. What do you think?
  5. goodbeus

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    I do alot of residentials with a 52" wb and would never use anything bigger for those accounts...I'm able to get into alot of tight areas where a 60" would be to big...commercial property is a different story, but for resindentials..a 52"

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