which direction to string trim?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mr mow, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. mr mow

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    I used to work for the largest lawn company in my area for several years and am starting my own business this year. I am thinking of ways to be better than the rest but not waste time in doing something that isnt a big deal. here is the question, i can string trim very fast and neat from left to right, the problem is that it leaves clippings in the mulch beds should i being going right to left even though its about 2/3 slower and uses more string but makes less mess. What does everyone else do? i'm right handed(that matters)
  2. NEPSJay

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    curved shaft trimmers spin in the oppisite direction of the strait shafts. with that in mind, you can go in the direction u want and discharge on the grass side w/o getting it in the mulch beds
  3. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    You will get faster in time going left to right. I personally feel that it is very important having the line whipping the clippings away from the beds instead of in them. I hear ya, it is definitely easier going the other way. It almost feels unnatural going left to right, but like I said you will definitely get used to it and get faster. I am a righty, and most of our people are.
  4. mcwlandscaping

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    Im a righty, i like trimming walking backwards, this shoots the clippings out away from stuff, and im faster going that way
  5. Roger

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    Being right handed or left handed does not matter. Rather, the direction of the string against the bed matters. The string should always be pulling clippings FROM the bed, not forcing them INTO the bed. This means trimming right to left and that can be done either right handed (walk backwards) or left handed (walk forwards).

    Doing a good job trimming is not a waste of time and it is a big deal for a good finished job. That sets your work apart from somebody else, either another LCO who does the job poorly, or the homeowner who may not trim at all.
  6. dcondon

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    With a strait shaft trimmer it's always counter clockwise around a bed!!:hammerhead:
  7. mr mow

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    thanks guys then my thinking was right and im going to have to break an old habit, that sucks not what i wanted to hear. but the only way to get better
  8. lawnartisan

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    wow! i tend to gouge when going left to right, unless i tilt back to the left then I can walk forward, but I will say it is doesnt cut as clean as walking left to right. I suppose my eye is more tuned to cut by tilting to the left, but heck im also better at using a knife by cutting toward myself not away and that aint smart. Im a gauger when slicing to the right side. I suppose the down side to cutting with the left side is your legs are constantly covered in grass.

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