Which Do You Like?

Which Layout Do You Like Best?

  • Layout 1 (Just doors and tailgate)

    Votes: 15 36.6%
  • Layout 2 (doors, sides, and tailgate)

    Votes: 26 63.4%

  • Total voters


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I like # 1 best. Nice job of showing us the choices as well. The phone # placement on #2 I like better but I don't care much for the lettering on the bed of #2.


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I like #2, but the bed might be a little busy


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#2 I think. The bed might be a little cluttered, but put it all out there and make it look awesome. One of our trucks has lettering on the bed and it looks fine. Maybe don't put AS MANY services on the bed portion, just enough to get the point across. If you have a website, put that on there...maybe it is and I didn't notice.

Team Gopher

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Hi Expert Lawns,

How about #1 with your phone number along the back over the wheel in larger letters?
Expert Lawns

Expert Lawns

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Originally posted by GreenMonster
I like #2, but the bed might be a little busy
My thoughts exactly. When people drive by, it would be hard for them to read everything on the side of the truck. The most important thing is that they get the name and number. That should be the emphasis.

Thanks for all the comments guys, I'm still a bit torn and I'm waiting on one other layout. I'll post it when I get it.