Which Drain System for Your OWN Prperty?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by saktate, Apr 2, 2005.

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    The search feature disclosed many a thread on drainage problems and a variety of solutions, but what is missing is a majority opinion of what is the best method of controlling excess rainwater runoff and keeping it from getting under the house. If you were to design a system for your OWN home and property, with the objective of only having to install it ONCE, what would be your choice?

    My internet research indicates the "prefabricated drain systems," beat the both the corrugated pipe and the smooth wall sewer/drain pipe for at least one reason - - life expectancy is better because the filtering material is more efficient at keeping silt, sand, debris out of the pipe. BUT, I keep leaning toward the smooth sewer pipe because I can run a plumber's snake through it when needed. I want something that is going to last.

    Anyone have a strong opinion based on personal experience.
    (I'll be off the board until Sunday afternoon).
    Thank you...
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    I have designed and installed systems that really worked well. Use Eljen drainage material and you will never have to touch it if installed correctly. We used the coarsest sand we could get and the system was so efficient that grass would hardly grow directly over the installation.

    You can drain low areas and install interceptor drains on slopes. The system works on water flowing in the direction of the least hydrostatic pressure. The drainage material has a plastic expander and is basically a high quality weed mat tube. I used some special order panels that were 6' X 10' on a wall built into a hillside. The outfall from a 4" pipe was unbelievable. I didn't think that much water would be flowing underground during and immediately after a rain.

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    I'm trying to catch up here, so sorry for the late reply...

    The question is really too vague to have any one answer..............

    There should be drainage installed outside of and below the top of the footer for ANY structure. Period. That needs to outlet to daylight. Too many times though it goes to a sump pump. Gravity never stops, though electricity goes out! That should keep the water away from the footer and lower walls (whether it's a crawl or full basement).

    Downspouts should be tiled away from the house, and again, outlet to daylight downhill from the house.

    The remainder of the yard needs to flow away from the house, and if the house is built into a hill, there needs to be drainage swales cut to divert the water.

    I've been putting pipe in the ground for the last 8 years or so, and I've come to the conclusion that drainage work isn't hard to do, but it's not hard to screw it up either! When in doubt (which should be 95% of the time or more), put a transit on it!


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