Which Edges Do You Guys Use ?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Bobcat s250 NY, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Bobcat s250 NY

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    I am having trouble figuring out which edges to use. I think i am leaning towards pave edge from pave tech, but i am having problems getting them here on Long Island. Which others have you guys used, and which to stay away from. Last we i ordered some of these oly ola ones which looked good on the website but were very flimsy and cheap when they arrived.. Also do these edges work as well as wet setting the pavers? I know that seems to be a no no but i have never had a problem with an edge failing on the concrete. The only problem i ever ran into was the field setteling slightly leaving the edges about an 1/8 inch higher.. :realmad:

    Also when you are cutting the outsides of the feild to lay the soldier course do you guys use a cut off or a tub saw.. Right now i am cutting with a 14 inch tub saw induvidually which isnt giving me great results due to the fact that the cuts never come out exactly the same. Hence it leave some un even gaps sometimes. :angry:

    Another problem i was running into was marking the pavers and then cutting them. No matter what i have tried everything i mark them with ends up washing off as soon as i put em on the table saw to cut :realmad: It wastes so much time doing everything 2 and 3 times.

    One last question... I have been using blue stone dust for screeding... Is it worth the extra money or sould i use sand.
    Thanks in advance for the help :cool2:
  2. cgland

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    Firstly, We use Snap Edge and have very good results with it. we tried using a new edge restraint called "Beast" edging (or something like that) It worked OK, but the way it fit together was kind of flimsy. Don't use concrete to edge pavers if you can avoid it. It cracks and heaves especially in the zones we are in and it makes it very difficult to grow grass next to your hardscaping.
    As far as cutting pavers, for the most part we use the tub saw, but more and more we have been laying past and cutting with the cut-off. It takes a steady hand and some practice, but it is so much faster and nicer.
    If you are serious about installing pavers then I would become ICPI certified. They call for washed sand as your setting bed and masons sand or polymeric sand for the joints because it creates the necessary interlock needed for a quality install. You will never be able to compact pavers into a stone screening bed well enough. Hope this helps.

  3. jreiff

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    Turn your water off before you start cutting on your lines. Score it first with the water off, then turn the water on and finish cutting it. We use a carpenter's pencil to mark. Then just score dry and cut wet.
  4. mbella

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    We use Snap Edge. Cut the pavers in place with a cutoff saw whenever possible. If the radius is too tight to use a cutoff full depth then at least score the pavers in place with the cutoff. Scoring in place and then cutting with a table is much better than marking and cutting.

    Screenings don't drain as well as sand. Screeings should not be used for the bedding layer.
  5. kris

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    Couldn't agree with you more .... overlay , mark and cut. You will have 4' of cutting done before you were back with one stone usuing a tub saw.
  6. YardPro

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    snap edge here
  7. wheeliechicken

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    how much does "snap edge" cost??
  8. GreenMonster

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    Kris, CG, Mike, etc,

    What are you guys using to mark your cut on an overlay? I've yet to do it that way, although it does seem as though it could be a great time saver. I have a few to do where this technique will work and would like to try it.
  9. mbella

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    I use half inch conduit and a crayon.
  10. cgland

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    1/2" conduit and a marking pencil......I Can't afford crayons like Mike!


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