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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by atozauctions, May 4, 2006.

  1. atozauctions

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    Since I ruled out paying an axtra $4000+ premium to get a Cub tank with diesel, I am balancing my choice now between a 54 inch Tank with 2005 model year Honda 24hp engine or the 06 model with 23hp Kawasaki. I am leaning towards the Honda. Any idea what the 54 inch Tank equipped with the Honda engine retailed for in 05? They are offering it for $6900 brand new leftover stock. I know the 54 inch Kawasakis are retailing for $6999. they wanted to keep the price under $7k so they switched to Kawasaki.. or so says the dealer.

    preference? thanks
  2. lawnspecialties

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    I always buy Kawasaki. They are by far my favorite and most dependable. No matter what the extra cost, I get them.

    I had a Cub M60 back in 2000. It had the 23hp Kawasaki and gave me 533 perfect hours before I sold the machine. Been running Kaw's ever since.:)

    By the way, my Tank in March 2000 was $6700.
  3. 6'7 330

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    Of those two,Id go Kawasaki, The big Honda's are gutless, when it comes to torque.
  4. atozauctions

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    Wow. thats interesting indeed. I had always had great luck with Honda engines in the past and had been given the impression that Cub was trying to get their prices down a bit by refitting Kawasakis for 06 as they were apprently cheaper to put in the units than the Hondas.

    The only other option in these machines (aside from the $4000+ diesel upgrade) is the Kohler Commands in the 27-29hp range. I had one of the commands in my Cub Z-force without any real issues, but figured the Kawasaki was better. Guess I will take a peek at the Kaw. Sure wish that Cat diesel didn't run $11k!
  5. MTR

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    Is your Kawi FH 680 V? If so, it kicks ass, a minimum of 2300-2500 hrs before getting something to repair if care properly which means lots and lots of grass to be cut. Honda's 20 plus hp is not making name in market like its small engine, besides parts are ridiculously rare and expensive, and after market parts are not always available like Kawi's , you have to consider this angle too.

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