Which Exmark is best suited for my needs?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by kman1266, Apr 21, 2004.

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    I am considering an Exmark Lazer for my new home. We have about 6 acres to mow. Most of it is flat, but there are a couple of hills as well. Looking for speed and a good cut. Not sure what mower would be appropriate.. CT or HP? What horsepower would you recommend, etc. Price is of importance, but so is quality, speed, and the overall performance. Thanks..
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    In my opinion either the HP or CT will serve your needs just fine. I would recommend the 52" however the 44/48 would work as well.

    Personally I like the HP because of the many added features. The larger drive tires give is a smoother ride, the arm rests and foot lift are a nice convenience. You can add the arm rests and foot lift to the CT later if you like but it's nice to have them standard on the HP.

    The HP also has larger wheel motors and is a bit quicker. 19 HP on the CT is probably enough at the speeds you'll be running that model but the HP does require a little more Power. Not only will you be cutting at higher speeds because the mower has a higher speed but also because of the larger tires. The larger tires of the HP do ride much better and on rougher lawns it makes a big difference in operator comfort at speed.

    Like I said either machine would serve you fine. It really comes down to what you feel is the most bang for your buck.

    Good luck,

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    Definately spend the extra for the 52". 6 acres with less cutting width would not be worth saving the few bucks over the long run.

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