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Which FasTrak 44" 18HP KOEHL or 48" 19HP KAW


LawnSite Member
Alpharetta, GA
We looked at the Mini-Z and the salesman informed us that we should consider the FasTrak since it has longer warranty and we are only using it for residential.

We have over 1 acre of land with some slope. We are now considering the FasTrak 44" 18HP KOEHL or 48" 19HP KAW. The 44" is around $5100 with $700 2007 discount promotion. The 48" is around $5500 without any discount (don't know why). Seems like a slam dunk for the FasTrak 44", correct? Is the 48" 19HP KAW $1100 better?

Can't wait to pick one up this weekend. I am planning to get the much kit/blade and flex fork with it.


LawnSite Member
Nashville, AR
I have a Fastrak 44" with the 18 hp Honda. I really don't know how I got along without it. You will love the Fastrak, especially if you have any slopes. It's wide stance makes it very stable on hills. Good luck. DJ