Which First Good Mower?


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Hey guys, new to the site... been building ponds for 3 years and doing general landscaping... decided to stay massively busy in the summers by doing lawns too this year...

Ok heres the question. My first summer season doing lawns went as well as could I could've hoped for, and I'm looking to expand my equipment pool. I've got a few (3) estates with 8 plus acres and a fair load of residentials. Right now I'm working with a (dont laugh too much) 48" Craftsman garden tractor and a 21 inch Honda push mower from 1985 :) (First lawnmower I ever used! Things a beast!) Here the idea... I think a fast zero turn mower like a 52" deck that does close to 6 acres an hour would help ALOT in the big work and pick up the pace in the neighborhoods, or should I grab like a sweet 32 or 36 inch pusher first?

I know I'm picking up a new 21" pusher soon (figure about 500 or so for a goodone that last... maybe a Honda HRX), but the medium size-high speed 32 would probably make alot of my gates...

Point is... I'm asking for general opinion from anyone who wants to throw in input... whats gonna give the most production boost?

Thanks - Joe from VA

PS- May land a 500 unit trailer park contract (potential buyer is family) so... a 52 or 60" could save HOURS... and possibly let me hire on a full time crew!


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Definetely pick up a z turn. If your already making some money with the ponds, spend a buck and buy a new 52. I'm a big exmark guy, so I reccommend those, but there alot of other good brands too. Walkers are nice, and you can never go wrong with a Deer. But if your looking to get into mowing more and more, you'll save time, and make more money with a good z turn.


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Nashua, NH
eXmark TTHP 48" w/ 19 hp kawi. Add sulky and youll be doing prettty good. This way, much faster production, don't need a ZTR, at least for what you have, will minimize the need to use the 21", and will be less money.

Just my 2 cents, probably will think of something else later! Welcome to Lawnsite!