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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by The Curious Porpoise, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. The Curious Porpoise

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    i'm branching out from just mowing lawns and am now doing a little bit of landscaping. I've got a mulching/planting job coming up, and i've got a question. Is it best to plant pansies first before the area gets mulched, or should you mulch first, then plant the pansies. If you plant first, it seems it would be annoying to work around delicate flowers when spreading the mulch, but if you plant second, it seems like when digging the hole for the plant you would bring up on top of the mulch the unpleasant-looking underlying dirt layer. Which way is it supposed to be done?
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    I don't know what everyone else does but I put the mulch down first and then plant. Saves a lot of time for me. JMHO
  3. Duck Dodger

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    Our flower beds are completely diferent from mulched beds. Iwould mulch the beds than put out some natures helper and potting soil till together plant flowers and leave bed as is. Just curious about pansies though it is about 6 months late down here to put out pansies shouldn't you be puting out summer color.
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    Both, you want to amend your bedding soil with compost preferably, or mulch then after planting a light dusting of mulch. I would also suggest some osmicote or other slow release fertilizer before you plant. Then a every other week an application of super-bloom/High phosphorus fertilizer, until they are full of buds and blooms, then go to once a month. Most common mistake over watering. Summer in NJ is different than summer in TN.
  5. Duck Dodger

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    I was just asking about the pansies. I'm not know it all I have worked from Tn to Atl to the GA FLA line It is crazy how much the plant can differ in those 3-400 miles I'm sure jersey is way different. ust thought it odd that 3 out of the 4 posters so far jioned the same time:confused:

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