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    I am working a quote to spray long narrow areas along the fence at a truck lot. They lot is nice gravel but when the drivers park their trailers they have to back them in about 5 feet from the fence. This area is covered in bermuda, weeds, woody type small trees starting to grow. What product would you guys recommend to spray this area?

    They want the area dead year round. So what we are planning is to spray then after about 2 weeks come back and do the manual labor of chopping everything back. Then I am thinking spraying 2 to 3 times a year would keep it killed.

    So, what would you think is best to kill bermuda and other grasses, weeds of all types, and small woody trees and bushes beginning to grow? I need something that will not kill existing big trees in some areas that they want to keep but kill everything underneath them. And I would like to quote it at spraying 2 times per year for maintenance but 3 isn't out of question.

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    If it is all gravel with limited runoff, then a sterilant like Mohave would work well
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    Garlon, Pendulum Aquacap, Goaltender, RoundUp. The normal bare ground treatments are out of the question if they want to keep the big trees alive. I would treat fairly early in the year before things got tall or else cut down the high saplings and hit them with a basal bark treatment of Garlon. Then proceed with the soft bareground mix. Hyvar, Pramitol, or Sahara/Mohave will kill desirable trees. If you are planning on treating 2 or 3 times a year, it is good to alternate. Plateau and Karmex can be the second treatment with RoundUp. Unless you have a 365 day growing season, beyond the initial kill of the infestation, I cannot imagine needing many applications per year if you are utilizing preemergent herbicides. Needing that many treatments means that seeds are germinating.
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    I didn't see the big tree statement
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    i was going to say ru plus a triclopry product(garlon is expensive) other stump and vine products are sold in smaller qty but you will need more product. clear cut first and apply immediately do small areas at a time. the product needs to get in the woody cuts fast

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