which hedge trimmer?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Pugsly, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. UGA

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    I was checking to see if they make a mid sized articulating hedger as Switchless has and I can't seem to find one; The only one they have in that style is the very long 96"? version. Guess I'll have to look at Redmax or finally break down and consider Echo.
  2. Doc Pete

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    It does seem the Echo's are the only ones with a compact, non articulated extended shaft hedge trimmer. It's basically the same weight as the chainsaw styles, about the same price, but naturally does so much more.
    Frankly, "I'm sure" at one time or another we've all pinched (or worse( our leg after trimming with the chainsaw style and then letting it settle by our side, "before" the blades have fully stopped. Big ouch!!! Another reason to buy the shaft style..... Oh well.........
  3. grassmeister

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    Doc Pete - I think you made some good points about the longer pole trimmers vs. chainsaw style trimmers. You also said in a previous post that you use the short shaft one most of the time. Echo has 2 models like the ones you talked about: HSC-210 (33" shaft) and the HSC-212 (20" shaft). Are these the ones you have? Which would you recommend if you could only have one? It would seem like the short shaft is best for what I mainly have - medium size shrubs which require some room to maneuver. I do need the extra reach on the larger shrubs, but I'll need to get on a ladder anyway, so I think both would work on those. Without having used either, it just felt like the shorter ones seem better for most things.

    One other concern is that I feel like I have good control and "feel" for what I'm doing with the chainsaw style trimmers. Do you still have this with the longer ones?


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