Which is better for bidding?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Josh32RVP, May 17, 2010.

  1. Josh32RVP

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    I've done my research both on this forum as well as Google and I have read about guys bidding properties either through man-hours and on property size. Are they both the same or is one better than the other? I'm bidding on an apartment complex and it's my first big commercial bid, curious which is the better way of putting the bid together?
  2. westlawn

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    We always base our bids on time. First have firm knowledge of all your expenses, all your expenses.
    Break your expenses down by the number of hours you plan to work in a day and get your hourly expense figure. Figure how much profit you want to make, taxes and some misc expense to come up with your hourly figure. Then decide how long the particular job will take you to, but never forget drive time, windshield time, time to get gas, time for your employee to go use a bathroom, time to go buy parts, your time fixing everything your employees break, lunch time, time talking to the little old lady about the dandelion in her lawn. Get my drift, time is money, you are constantly incurring expenses make sure you cover your azz!
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  3. Josh32RVP

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    Thank you very much for helping me out, I just bid on an apartment complex today with roughly 4 acres of mowing, 9 buildings, over 300 tree rings and 2 ponds. I bid it at $400 a week based off of 5 hours a cut. We shall see how it goes, hopefully I get a call.
  4. fiveoboy01

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    In the end you're bidding it hourly anyways, you've just learned to accurately estimate how many man-hours it will take to do a certain size property.
  5. Josh32RVP

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    I feel ya, I've just learned that! Now that I have my labor rate figured out, it should get a lot better and easier to put bids together. I appreciate yalls posts, thank you!!
  6. topsites

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    It's not either or, it's both and all of them...

    Bid it several different ways then compare your prices,
    hopefully they're all the same or right close to each other,
    if they're not that should be cause for concern.

    So the more ways you have of adding it up, the better, thou granted that's also on a hopeful slant.
  7. Josh32RVP

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    Thanks topsites, I bid an apartment complex and think I bidded it to low now that I have done a few more jobs. Oh well, thats the way it goes, live and learn!!! Hopefully I hit the mark next time!! I always love the advice......

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