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which is better

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DiSantolandscaping, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. DiSantolandscaping

    DiSantolandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 345

    what is better when first starting out. Being LLC or Incorporation?
  2. kilgoja

    kilgoja LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 944

    i don't think it's necessary to do either one...but you can if you want to...it's not required by law or anything...at least not here
  3. JB1

    JB1 LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,904

    kinda all depends on what you want and are doing, talk to your cpa to see which fits you.
  4. ProcsLC

    ProcsLC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 132

    Ya I would highly recommend going online or going to a library and picking up a book on forming a business... Lots of perks and down sides involved in picking a business structure and only YOU can really decide which one is best for your company... Besides, what works for me is going to be totally different then what works for you.... Read up on it and go from there...
  5. rye guy

    rye guy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 5

    I picked up "small business for dummies" when we started. Easy to understand.
  6. GunnPropertyServices

    GunnPropertyServices LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 374

    i would go LLC must easier on the taxes, then INC with very few draw back if any
  7. lifetree

    lifetree LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,369

    This seems to be the preferred way to organize in business today !!
  8. loupiscopolandscaping

    loupiscopolandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 320

    AGREED!!!....best bet is neither, collect cash and call it a day.lol we're incorporated and i feel some of the things i have to due/pay is insane

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