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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by countryscaper, Aug 25, 2007.

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    Hello..I was wondering WHAT..Exmark suggests to use ...to lift the Laser z hp model 52"(2003)...to change the blades and clean under the deck...I had recently bought a Ballard Super jack...but to NO avail...going back!...it does'nt lift it right...the backside of the mower hits...so the jack won't work right....so...WHAT..do you guys suggest...does the JJ work?...what's the height?...can I get an impact under it with it?...or a Farm jack?...All help appreciated...Dale
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    Dale, I am no pro as I only mow about 10 acres a week at my house, but I clean and maintain my mower big time. I use a pair of 10" truck ramps, drive the HP up and zip-zip-zip, three blades on and off with impact in no time.
  3. Blessed 1

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    I use a Jungle Jack and it works well.
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    I use a jungle jack on a 60" Lazer and I haven't had any problems at all.
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    As a couple of the guys have mentioned, the Jungle Jack seems to work very well, and it's personally one that I like.

    I've heard of a myriad of things though, from jacks and jackstands, car ramps, overhead chain hoists...etc. You can really lift from any point on the frame, the one caution I would give you is that if you use a hoist or something that tips the machine up quite a bit is to let it set for a while before starting to allow the engine oil to drain back.

    I hope this helps.


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