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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Pahoia2, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. Pahoia2

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    Hi There,

    In the next couple of years I'll have to replace my Ride-On mower/lawn tractor.

    I've been looking at John Deere and wonder if the group has an opinion on these generally. I need a mower with a cut of around 48" (give or take a couple of inches) but the machine has to double as a small tractor for pulling a quarter tonne self powered sprayer (when full) up and down slopes and also pulling a lighter weight trailer around the property most days. Hydrostatic transmission is essential I think. Anything wiuth a mower deck bigger than about 48" becomes too clumsy when towing. I have to mow about once a week (2.5 acres of rough-ish grass) so although I could remove the mower when not in use it would need to be a quick and easy job if I have to do it every week. Probably not a practical option. As for power - I reckon about 20hp minimum(?).

    What models would fit these requirements? Are there any 'bad' models to be avoided? There may be other makes which have suitable models but I'm in New Zealand and may not have the wide choice you have in the States. However I know I can get John Deere OK.

    Opinions appreciated.

  2. khouse

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    I think a commercial zero turn mower would do everything you mentioned. I have loaded lots of stuff on my zt. I have pulled and pushed also. If you only pulling 500 pounds then I don't see why a true commercial unit wouldn't do. After all 500 pounds is the equivilant to 2 big guys with trimmers. My zt would pull that load.
  3. 65hoss

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    Ask flex deck, he seems to know his JD's. He could help if your looking for another lawn tractor. If your looking for a commercial unit, I would suggest checking out some other brands before. Demo several and see what you like the best.
  4. Randy J

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    I have a GT225. For homeowners, I love it. This will do about everything you want. It is the smallest lawn "tractor" JD makes. You can get attachments for it, like a tiller or a snow blower, that are belt driven. The GT series comes in 2 sizes, I chose the 225, with 15 horsepower for the Kohler engine. The 18 horsepower comes with a Briggs & Stratton twin cylinder that is supposed to be real good. After that, your stepping up to the 345, I believe. To get one that has PTO, I believe you have to step up to the 400 series.

  5. sdwally

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    You mentioned rough-ish grass, if this is the case you might consider a mini tractor that has mid and rear PTO and category 1 three point hitch on the rear. With this you can run a mid mount finish mower for normal grass and a 3 pt rotary mower for you roughish grass. It would also be able to pull your spray rig with no problems and would be able to do a lot of other things, depending on the attachments you buy. Mini tractors start around 20hp and go up. They cost more initially, but last a lifetime with proper maintence.
  6. justractors

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    As with most lawn care purchases, buy the best you can get with the money you have available.
    Most zero turn units are very tricky to pull a trailer with until you are familiar with them.
    I have no idea what is available in your area but John Deere makes a good machine as do Kubota, Snapper, and Toro/Wheel Horse.
    I prefer the Kubota since they are mostly, if not all, diesel engine powered and I do like the smoke, smell, and noise they make.
  7. stslawncare

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    i also believe all kubotas are 4x4 along with the diesel?
  8. justractors

    justractors LawnSite Member
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    Most of them are but not all.
    I was at the local dealer last week and he had a couple of two cylinder two wheel drive units in stock.
  9. stslawncare

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    from DE
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    are all the small compact and larger tractors diesel 4x4?
  10. justractors

    justractors LawnSite Member
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    Kubota sells both two and four wheel drive tractors in the smaller lawn and garden models but the compacts are all four wheel drive as far as I can see at their web site.
    Also the smallest diesel they seem to have now is a three cylinder one. They used to have the smaller 2 cylinder engine in their L&G tractors but now have went to gas engines in them.
    I did a search on Yahoo and came up with the Kubota U.S. web site and one in Australia also.
    Since the posting guidelines say I can't post dealer information I assume I can't post their address so you will have to look it up yourself.

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