Which KPI's do you track?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JoeandTob, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. JoeandTob

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    Hi Guys,
    I was curious as to which KPI's you all track in your business, besides the normal Income Statement. Cash Flows, and Balance Sheet. I currently track the following:

    Direct Labor Efficiency Ratio
    Management Efficiency Ratio
    Cost Per Lead, Cost Per New Customer, Conversion Rate

    As you can see, I don't have too many KPI's that I track. I would love to hear from ya'll any others that you track in your businesses!

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  2. JoeandTob

    JoeandTob LawnSite Member
    from Iowa
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  3. Okhydro

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    A lot of software tracks this kind of stuff if you are willing to input the data. The one thing i do is after most jobs i will job cost and see how well i did or didn't do.
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  4. JoeandTob

    JoeandTob LawnSite Member
    from Iowa
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    I am currently using Service Autopilot, but am switching over to Real Green in the next week or so.

    I usually try to break down the LER per job to look at efficiency and whether I priced correctly...
  5. snomaha

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    Like what you are tracking - we also use labor efficiency - Crabtree fan for a long time.

    I look at A/R, A/P, bank balance, LOC balance and monthly burn rate weekly/daily. I practice open book management with my leadership team and asked a question the other day about balances in each of these accounts - the most telling answer came from one of production supervisors. He was asked what he thought our bank balance was - his answer was $700,000

    Moral of the story - your employees think you are hauling truck loads of money to the bank every day.
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  6. Mitty87

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    What is it only $600,000?
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  7. Efficiency

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    Since we are mainly lawn apps, I also track client count, new program sales gross and percentage, ytd cancels gross and percentage, and most importantly to us, production done and remaining in days and dollars.
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  8. grassmonkey0311

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    -New customer sign ups
    -Cost per new customer/sales leads
    -Overall customer count
    -Customer cancels
    -Reasons why they cancel
    -Daily and weekly route revenues
    -Since I'm mainly mowing, I track lawns per hour being mowed

    The 3 most important ones for me are *lawns mowed per hour* because this directly impacts the quality of the job the employees do as well as revenue and *customer cancels/reasons why they cancel* because it's a constant battle to improve and see what I can do better.
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  9. snomaha

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    Production done and remaining days out is one our turf division likes as well. We are lacking in marketing KPI's.
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  10. JoeandTob

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    from Iowa
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    Thanks for the response Snomaha! I was really hoping you and Efficiency would comment! I am a huge fan of Crabtree. I attended his talk this year at the service autopilot conference a few weeks ago.

    This year, I didn't really share too many numbers with everyone. My manager knew Sales, Production, LER, MLER; Only I knew the BS, Income S, and Cash Flow. I plan to have each employee know these numbers a little better next year...

    Greg mentioned at the conference that a company should close its books on a weekly basis. Does your company do that?

    Do each of your employees know how much each employee makes? If so, do you find that there are problems that arise? Jealousy?

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