Which Lawnmower(riding) mower do you like?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by hav0k, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    There is only one Its has the title worlds fastest mower Dixie Chopper I have owned 11 since 1985 and still have 9 of the 11 They still mow grass some where during the week

    You have to pick one you like

    My DC fits me and ride is super nice The longest I ride one is 7 hrs on one job.
    One time cutting no need to double cut, stripes like a dream.
    I have never had any major problems
  2. Snydermf

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    Obviously if a tire is soft that will affect the machine as it is sitting closer to the ground on that side, however the machine does not roll* to one side in a turn or scalp, the front suspension is set up in such a way that the deck is attached to the axles so if one side moves (for example goes over a bump) as the wheel comes up it raises the deck on that side to to eliminate scalping. This also compensates for any change in the level of the machine that might occur in a turn on a hill or in a dip. I have found it to give the smoothest level cut of any suspended floating deck machine I have tried, the only thing more consistent is an old style Simplicity riding mower because the deck is actually riding on the ground via a full width rear roller that can truly allow the deck to follow the ground, but this is a close second and obviously a commercial grade machine, not residential. The 3100 is a lot of machine, I run the IS2000's for the smaller properties I typically do, but for commercial I would def choose it in a heart beat.
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    I like the Gravely for comfort and performance.
  4. GMLC

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    Gravely, great performance, comfort, build quality and the best customer service hands down.
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    I know everyone has their preference and every mower breaks down but I'm going to stick up for the Toro line. We ran old school proline walk behinds, newer prolines, and they were all great mowers. Some of them are still running (about 15 years old) and were beat. Had a Toro Z500 and it was an awesome mower. never let me down. Anyway everyone will tell you their mower is best just like me... I personally wouldn't buy a Ferris, hear their cut isn't great but that could be just a bunch of BS. For the right price though I guess I would buy any mower.

    This year I got a John Deere 667 stander. Older unit but low hours. 60 inch cut. First piece of equipment that has hit my trailer that hasn't been Toro Red since I had a badass Simplicity riding tractor about 8 years ago. That was hands down the best riding tractor ever. Anyway anybody have any experience with a a Deere 667 or comparable wright mowers??

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