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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GreenerSideLC, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. GreenerSideLC

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    Im planning on getting a low volume ATV sprayer for my ZTR. My question is what liquid fertilizers should I use? For pest and herb. I work in Connecticut so it is a transition/cool season area. Im trying to figure my fertilizing program for this year and have become lost with all the available chemical that can be used, from trimec and pre-m to momentum and dimesion. and thats just to name a few. Oh and to avoid the same old question, YES i am certified :l)
  2. tremor

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    Liquid fertilizers are rarely applied using low volume (less than 2 gals/1000) unless the application is immediatley watered in (golf course). I would recommend granular fertilizer (with or without pre-emergent) in most cases.

    The ideal herbicide for low volume is NuFarm's Triplet LO. It's the only herbicide that was specifically formulated for low volumes. Others will work...but perhaps not as well.

    I used to live on a farm in Branford before the "condo-craze" (late '60's\early '70's). Most of your lawns will be cool season.
  3. green_mark

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    We have two products you may wish to investigate.

    The first is 14-0-5:
    We use this in early spring until the temps reach about 80.
    One quart per 1,000 with 3 quarts water.

    The Second is 8-0-5:
    We use this for the remainder of the season. It greens very...very well.
    Slow growth no real burn potential [unless grossly miss-applied]
    One quart per 1,000 with 3 quarts water.

    Both products suppress weeds quite well.

    Visit our web site at www.FarmCropExtracts.com and/or call me to discuss.
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    Liquid fertilizer will often burn the grass--particularly in hot weather. Particularly in volumes of less than 3 gallons of water per 1000 sqft.

    I suggest Dimension 19-0-6 granular for your first application. Push spreader. Of course, once you get a few big lawns you will want a spreader for the front of your ZTR.
  5. GreenerSideLC

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    I think I may have miss worded my question. I will apply granular fertilizer for my nutrient applications. I would really like to apply liquids for my weed control apps and maybe pest control. Many of my properties are just to big for a backpack sprayer so I will use a atv sprayer instead. Which liquids will work better for this method of application: pre-m, three-way, momentum etc, etc? Im lookin for something to give me a better control of weeds especial for clients who dont water. Also should I stick with applying granular for my pre-emergent control and use liquids for Post or can i get good results with a liquid pre-em?
  6. RigglePLC

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    By pre-em do you mean pendamathalin? or a pre-emergent? A granular crabgrass control followed by a three-way at the maximum rate would be a good place to start. Try to apply it in early summer before it gets hot and again in fall when it is cooler.
  7. summitlawncare

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    i would suggest barricade and trimec for your first round apps, just a suggestion.
  8. tremor

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    You haven't specified how low your spray volume will be.

    Trimec is not labeled for very low volumes. http://www.pbigordon.com/pdfs/TrimecClassic-SL.pdf
    According to the label you must use .5 gallons water per 1000 sf or 22 gallons per acre. Even if this fits your intentions you probably should be using a herbicide that is actually formulated for low volume spraying in order to get the best results.

    There is only one herbicide that is specifically engineered for low volume lawn care use.

    Triplet LO will do the best job for you with volumes as low as 5 gallons per acre.

    No post-emergent herbicide is going to perform well on drought stressed weeds. So for those clients who don't irrigate you should time your applications to match the natural spring & fall periods of active growth.

    I feel that your pre-emergent treatments should be granular. Low volume liquid pre-emergence need to be watered in soon after treatment & you state that some of these clients either cannot or will not water.

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