Which LTR-Exmark Lazer CT or Husky IZ4818

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Cbroz, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Cbroz

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    I am new to this website and could use some expert advice. I am a homeowner with 2 1/2 acres and lots of trees and landscaping. I am looking for a ZTR with a 48" cut. I have narrowed it down to two models based on dealer support in my area and the recommendation of a friend that is a profeesional landscaper. The models are the Exmark Lazer Z CT with the 19hp Kawasaki engine or the Husqvarna IZ4818 with the 18hp Kawasaki. Your input on durability and quality of cut would be greatly appreciated.
  2. sawman65

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    for a homeowner the husky should be ok. but the exmark would be the better mower it's like buying a kia or buying a lexus
    one will last the other just can't
  3. Planet Landscaping

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    Exmark for sure. No brainer
  4. mowhigh

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    My neighbor and I are in the same boat. We had considered the LC and the Hustler FasTrack and will be looking at Scags this week. Today we demoed the Country Clipper Charger and were very impressed. Everything was true commercial quality and the 20 hp Kohler with 48 deck is $5545. My neighbor was so impressed with how it easily handled his overgrown areas that he is looking at the same engine and deck on the lighter frame CC JAZeeTwo (less durable tranny) at $4990. He preferred the single joystick control; I still want to compare it with the traditional twin stick (only with Kaw engine).

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