Which model compares to Tiger Cat???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joeco129, May 12, 2010.

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    I posted a thread a few weeks ago looking for opinions on ZTR's for residential. Thanks for all your help everyone. I'm really narrowing it down to a Scag Tiger Cat... either 52" or 61" with a Kohler 27hp.

    My other consideration is an Exmark Lazer Z...but... I am getting confused with all the Lazer Z models. I've been trying to compare one comparable to the Tiger Cat but the Exmark website isn't helping. I am getting more confused. I'm seeing Lazer Z models XS, ASX, Z, AS, EFI and propane's which I am not interested in... I also am aware the EFI are fuel injected... What about the rest... what are the major differences? Which model best compares to the Tiger Cat for an apples to apples comparison for size, cost, HP, deck size etc.?

    Thanks in advance for your help...
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    I dont know a ton about Exmarks, but my opinion would be the LAzer Z HP. It seems the most similar to my Tiger Cat. Every option you could get on one you can get on its counterpart, the only thing that will never compare is price. Example: My Scag Tiger Cub (old name for Cat) had 500hours on it . Paid 4200 cash. Same exact machine in an Exmark Z HP had 1500 hours on it and wanted the same price. I went with the younger kawi engine and feel good knowing if I take care of it it will last another 1500+ hours.
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    Comparable models:

    Gravely 152 or 160 XDZ
    Exmark Lazer Z Advantage Series

    The above are comparable to the TC, but there are still several differences such as drive tire sizes, hydros and wheel motor types, greaseable vs. sealed spindles, etc. etc.

    If you find them all at a comparable price, I'd still go with the TC over the others for the spindles, Velocity + deck, and drive tire size (not sure about the Gravelys, but the Lazer has 22" tires vs 23" or 24" for the TC.
  4. Exmarks mower line-up is incorrect on their website at this time. I don't know why they can't fix it. The lazer z advantage series is probably the closest thing to a tiger cat
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    Thanks guys... Yeah something didn't seem right on Exmarks website.

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