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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Sonnie Parker, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Sonnie Parker

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    I'm considering one of your sharpners and a balancer.

    I am a homeowner and I cut approximately 7-8 acres of mostly bahia grass each week. I have no choice but to sharpen my blades weekly and it is a royal pain in the ..... using my current 6" bench grinder.

    I use 21" Gator blades that have the sharpened curved portion. However, I never sharpen this part of the blade. I only sharpen up to the curve and stop. I really see no purpose in sharpening the center curved portion as it rarely is dull anyway and as I understand it, the outer part of the blade (the part that gets dull) is the part doing all the cutting.

    Can I get by with a 9000 model if I'm only going to sharpen the flat part up to the curve?

    Also I've read many claims that say the Magna-Matic's will sharpen blades in 60 seconds or less. Doesn't this really depend on how dull they are?

    Many thanks!

    Sonnie Parker
  2. Magna-Matic

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    Hello Sonnie,

    The MAG-9000 should have no problem sharpening as you are describing. But i have a question for you, why do you use this type of blade if you do not believe it works - they do have straight/flat gator blades.

    Back to your questions. Before we made the MAG-8000 we recommended for people to used the MAG-9000 and sharpen the first 1-2 inches of curved mulching blades because that it what does the majority of the cutting work.

    Yes the 60 second time is dependant on how much metal you must remove from the blade to re-create a sharp edge. Or in other words - how dull they are. We base the 60 time on a heavier commercial blade with approx 20 hours of useage on it.

    Now this time of 60 seconds can increase or decrease depending on the user - if you really maintain your blades well - this time can get shorter because you will have to take off less steel between sharpenings. If you only sharpen your blades once or twice a year (of course still depending on the amount of hours you cut) it will take longer to sharpen the blade.

    What we want people to understand is that no other sharpening method/competitor can beat our machines in METAL REMOVAL RATE.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions
  3. Sonnie Parker

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    Thanks Gerd.

    I do have a few more questions.

    About the Gator blades I'm using. I guess I didn't really know any better. I ordered the blades from www.jackssmallengines.com/ online. (Btw, I recently found out I paid too much for them.) Last year when I ordered from them I got straight blades. This year, for whatever reason, they sent me the curved ones. They are the Magnum Gators and I didn't seem to get the option of straight.

    I have not been very pleased with how these blades this year have held up. The tips are wearing short very quickly versus the straight blades I got last year. Made me wonder if Silver Streak is using a softer steel this year.

    It takes me approximately 3.5 to 4.0 hours to cut the 7-8 acres. I always have to sharpen my blades after a cut. If I don't, then I've got bahia stringers galore. This bahia is like wire down here in south Alabama, not to mention the sand and mowing up and down the edge of a rock driveway that's right at 1/4 mile long. I have to cut low and hit a few rocks occasionally. It's a mess really but I have to deal with it.

    I wear out a grinding wheel with about 30 blade sharpenings (no where near the 150 to 250 you guys are getting).... albeit I'm probably using the wrong grit. It takes me 10-15 minutes per blade (ridiculous). I purchased 2 sets of blades at the end of March and they are gone. That's only around 15 cuttings this year at a maximum of about 30 hours per set of blades (if I'm doing my math right). That pretty much sounds pitiful in comparison to what I'm reading on this forum.

    I'm very curious as to the heavier commercial blade you are referencing with the 60 second time and 20 hours of usage. Geeze, I'm getting only 4 hours of usage. Now I'm really feeling pitiful. What kind of blades are they and how can I order them?

    The only reason I've used the Gator's is they have allowed me to cut with one pass (as long as I sharpen them weekly or every 3.5 to 4 hours). Other high lift or medium lift blades I've used left me with stringers unless I cut turtle slow (5.5 to 6 hours). I'm not concerned with the mulching process if I can get a longer lasting blade that will cut good.

    I believe I'll go with the 9001, a balancer, and a couple of extra grinding wheels.... and please tell me what and where those blades are that you are referencing.

    Do I qualify for the 5% combo discount and is shipping included? Maybe you can throw in a hat too! lol (jk)

    Thanks again!

    Sonnie Parker
  4. Magna-Matic

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    Hello Sonnie,

    Well .. it looks like you are really putting those blades thru their paces.

    One thing to remember about blades is that they can vary in consistancey - because in general lawnmower blades are made from the cheapest steel, and are a mass produced item - so eventhough they are perhaps the most important component on your mower they do not get the attention they deserve.

    The blades/machine we do our testing with is our Kubota F3060 - the blades are factory blades 24" long 1/4" thick. They are NOT mulching blades of any sort.

    Did you have problems with the stock blades that came on your mower?

    We use 20 hours of cutting as our reference because that is in general the longest people should wait to service their blades. This will help in longer blade life, and grinding wheel life. The more often you sharpen the longer the blade will last. And we test our sharpeners with the 20 hours of wear blades.

    You can order a LOT#1 combo at our online store and just send an email noting you would like it upgraded to a MAG-9001 ($10 addition). SHIPPING is free at our online store, and there is a discount on the package. We don't currently have any hats made, so i can't help you there :)

    Keep asking if you have questions.
  5. Sonnie Parker

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    Thanks again Gerd.

    The standard blades that came with my mower left me with lots of stringers. The rep for GH advised me that for bahia grass the lift on the stock blades would cause this. Gators don't have that much of a lift being designed the way they are so I suppose that's why they cut better. I may try low lift straight blades and see how they work. They are very cheap and if they will cut good then at least they won't cost near as much.

    I spoke with a friend of mine that owns an outdoor equipment shop and store. He stated that most all of his customers are buying the standard Gator's stating that the 1/4 thickness of the Magnum was not doing as well as the standard .203 thickness blades. Hard to believe but I suppose it could be so.

    He also said I'd love the sharpener. He has a Wall sharpener but he stated one of his customers had a Magna-Matic and was very happy with it.

    I will be ordering that combo tomorrow.

    Are the 9001's available for shipping right now?

    Sonnie Parker
  6. Magna-Matic

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    Hello Sonnie,

    I am currently waiting for our order of motors from LEESON ELECTRIC to ship more MAG-9000 series sharpeners. I am getting a shipment in on Friday, but that will only cover my backorders at this point.

    NOTE TO ALL who have a MAG-9000 on backorder - i will ship either FRIDAY or MONDAY.

    I am waiting on word from LEESON when i will get the rest of my order of motors. My best guess is in approx a week, until it will be shipped. REMEMBER we never charge your credit card until we ship your order. There will also be a wait on the balancer for about a week. This season has been a fantastic for us, but has left us working double time to get sharpeners, balancers, shop exhaust equipment, and etc out the door to fill orders.

    Thank you for your questions, and the choice to go with our products - and thank you to all of you that have choosen our products for your blade service needs.
  7. Magna-Matic

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  8. Sonnie Parker

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    Am I looking at a couple of weeks then to get the 9001?

    Looking at that balancer stand I really don't see a real need for it but I'm not ruling it out yet mainly because I don't really understand how your balancer works.

    In all the pics I see it appears to be mounted vertically versus the cheap cone balancer I have now which I mount flat on top of my work bench.

    I suppose your balancer is mounted plumb. If it is mounted this way then how does the blade stay on the cone?

    If all I need is a plumb place to mount it then I'm good.

    Sonnie Parker
  9. Magna-Matic

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    Our balancer is mounted to a vertical surface such as a wall (most commonly used.

    The balancer stand allows you to mount the balancer to a workbench or approx 2 feet outward from a wall.

    I would safely say 2 weeks at this point for a MAG-9001 but i expect it to be only 1 week. If you place your order, we do not charge your credit card until an item ships.

    Thank you,
  10. hboyd_com

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    The Magna-matic balancer uses a manget to hold the blade vertically.

    It is a fantastic product... I have one and I'm saving my pennies to get their sharpener.

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