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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GreenerSideLC, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. GreenerSideLC

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    Im at the point were I need to start applying liquids to help with weed control. I primarily apply granular products but am not getting good results on lawns that dont have irrigation. my question is should I get a small 50 or 100 gal sprayer or get a atv sprayer for my ztr. Ive seen a couple of set ups on here and have been leaning for the atv sprayer. not to mention its not as expensive
    And yes I am certified.

    Happy New Year
  2. Victor

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    What size lawns make up the bulk of your properties? Are they on the large side, or on the small side? An ATV style sprayer would be ideal on large properties, but not so good on smaller properties. On small properties, I don't think you can get much more efficient than a skid. If your going to get into using a skid, do yourself a favor and look into something larger, like a 200 gallon unit for example. You'll really thank yourself for doing so.
  3. Victor

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    Happy New Year too and in case no one else has told you... Welcome to Lawnsite. :)
  4. GreenerSideLC

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    Thanks Vic Most of my accounts are on the large side 20k+
  5. RigglePLC

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    The problem is--everybody has small lawns. You have to backpack on those lawns or ---you need to get a reel and hose for your ztr sprayer, (you mean 12 volt electric--right?) A small sprayer would work if you had no other choice--mount it in your truck and connect to a reel and hose. Pressure and volume would be very low. Remember the pump companies sometimes exaggerate their advertised output. A long hose loses pressure and flow due to friction. Victor is right. But you could start with a small 50 gal version and then add a bigger tank later. Tanks are not expensive.
  6. FdLLawnMan

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    I didn't have a skid sprayer for the first three years of business. I had installed a reelcraft hose reel with 100 ft. of hose on my boom sprayer that I pulled. Never again. The used skid sprayer that I bought last year is the handiest and most efficient way to do city lawns, especially if applying liquid fertilizer with the herbicide. Being the you have larger lawns the atv sprayer might work but I have never liked them as it is to hard to control the speed as far as I am concerned.
    Just my 2 cents.
  7. RAlmaroad

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    I really like my backpack (Solo) It's been a very useful unit for many years. Seen a lot. Last year I adapted a ATV sprayer with a boom from Tractor Supply to the back of a Snapper. It took many trips spraying pavement to get the correct speed calibrated to the output of the Fimco. I put anti-drip valves on the nozzles. At 2MPH it puts down 1.2 gal/1000K. It works wonderful. The only small problem is turning it off for the turns. I have long arms but just put in a small marine ball valve beside the seat. Now I only take care of 5 lawns but they are large and relatively open. The good thing is that there is a hand unit with a 15" hose that gets the small places. Just park the unit spray those areas and do nice even straight swipes. The real great thing was that it only cost about $225.00 for everything except the Snapper. The thing even mounted well. I also use the blue marking stuff which helps with even coverage. Hope this will help. There are a lot of guys here that have similar rigs that make this one look very childish. Have a great year.
  8. mkroher

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    a ztr setup would be nice and inexpensive, yet limited from doing slopes or hills.

    A skid spray would be the best bet. Most versatile for use in other applications. You might get tired blanket spraying 20k+ lawns all day. But once you get the lawns under control, you can just go around with a backpack and spot spray.
  9. humble1

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    Ithink you need to determine how many lawns you are treating, are you treating 20 lawns and not having goods results w/ granular, or are you treating 300 lawns and not having good results w granular. If you are not treating that many lawns and arent looking at treating alot of lawns go small. If you are having good growth, and treating alot of lawns i would go bigger. Also can you afford the bigger tank right now, or are things tight?
  10. rcreech

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    If the lawns you are treating are 20K and you have several...I would look at buying a used ride on before sinking money into a skid.

    It would probably cost you a good 2 or 3 grand for a skid, and I know you could buy an older PG for that!

    If you buy a ride on, I think you would be more apt to grow your business then if you have to walk it all on. You will also get a lot more done quicker (which is what it is all about come busy time).

    This is just my take!

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