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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by JLB611, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. JLB611

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    I am still trying to decide which mower is best for me. I have near an acre to mow, 1/4 of the yard is at a 20 to 25 degree slope at the steepest point. the rest is mainly flat. By what I have been told so far a zero turn may not be the best choice. My next question is maybe a rider a better choice. I have looked at some John Deeres and Cub Cadets. I am just not sure if one of them is the best choice and which model. Thanks for all of the responses last time about the zero turns. This is the most helpful site I have found.
  2. bobcat175

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    I have a similar setup. My hill at the steepest is 23 degrees. I currently use a 48" hydro WB and can cut the hill anyway I want. I'm considering a Wright Stander right now. They have a very similar weight setup to the WB. The safest mower would be a hydro WB. I think you would have trouble with any rider at 25 degrees.

    My advice for whatever you decide is to demo or borrow the same machine and try it out. That's the ONLY way you will know for sure if you are comfortable with it on the hill. For example, I wanted a Walker and after borrowing one realized that it couldn't do my hill. Now I know that it's not the right machine for my yard and I didn't spend a dime to find out.
  3. upidstay

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    I'd get a hydro walk behind. That's to steep of a hill for a rider. Any rider. Get a sulkie attachment if you don';t want to walk it all.
  4. BareFeet

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    whatever you do stay away from the deere and the Cadet
  5. brbolin

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    For what it's worth...I have a Deere L120 (actually...now it's just a lawn ornament) that I was using. Picked it up at Home Depot, because the local dealership that supplies them to "The Depot" were currently out and I NEEDED to mow ASAP.
    Well, long story short...mine could've been a "lemon", but my yard pretty much ate it up. The deck brackets broke to where I was mowing at a "0" level...even lower than the "1", the transmission got to where it would completely stop after about 1.5 hours of mowing, and now...it just completely went out.
    Granted, my 2.5 acres were probably too much for the Deere, but man...when one spends $2000 on a riding mower, especially with the "Deere" name, one expects a little more than what I got. I've only had it about three years. Now looking at something a little more "solid" than the Deere.
    Again, it could've been a "lemon", but from what I've read, the L120's have transmission issues. Take your time in deciding and don't just jump at the first "great deal" you see. I made that mistake and regret it.
  6. Raven386

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    like everyone else says.... Hydro w/b.... if you dont want to shell out the extra $$ you can get a belt driven w/b. but its like night and day on hills. the hydro is so easy to manuveur and turn and everything else, the belt just takes some time getting used to. i was doing a lawn that had probably a 25 degree slope, the belt would do ok, but the tires would slide and turning was out of the question.then we tried the 52" we had just gotten a day or so before maybe 3 hours on it and i took it on the hill without any problem i was going pretty quick too. like i said... night and day... JMO
  7. benmc

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    ck out the better outdoor products quick 36. I purchased one and a church property I mow has some steep angles and the machine works fine and since you only have an acre to do , one of their machines would work fine also as far as service issues most anyone will fix the machine if something goes wrong you pay out of your pocket to pick up machine and then better reimburses you... I had a belt engagement clutch bearing go out called gary and he shipped out the part to my local shop then after I picked up my mower I got my check within 4 days. also the variable resistance of the hydro transaxle makes the machine easy to handle on hills..... good luck
  8. LarryF

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    Regarding your statements about the performance of the Quick 36 on hills! Please compare the hills you have mowed with those in the attached pictures, which are on my lot. Are yours as steep as mine? I had sent those same pictures to Gary, and he wasn't confident a Q36 would be able to handle them. But to tell you the truth, I'm in such a dilemma because of these hills, I might buy a Q36 for them anyway if I could find someone with good experience with that machine on slopes similar to mine. I've been trying to find such a person, but so far I've been striking out; however, you sound really enthusiastic about your history in this regard. So tell me, what do you think? Could your Quick 36 mow these hills without a problem? The 21" mower shown in my photos is a Bob-Cat self propelled, by the way, and it has flipped over on me a few times when on one of those hills. I recently sold it, but I have another which is similar but a different brand. It's more nimble than the Bob-Cat, but still not very good for my hills, so I need something better. Will one of the Better products meet that need, in your opinion.

    hill 1.jpg

    hill 2.jpg
  9. dfischer

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    An L120 for 2.5 acres so rough it broke off the deck brackets? Well, I suppose a tough lesson in buying the right size tool for the job.

    Guys, green paint or no, if you don't invest in the right tool for the job blame the guy in the mirror for the bad decision. Deere does make a mower for the "frugal" market that want a 2K mower, but come on, to expect a riding mower that competes with MTD and crapsman price points to do the job of the real machines Deere makes is simply unrealistic. Lxxx is the cheapest, weakest riding MOWER deere makes. It ain't a lawn tractor. Ask a decent Deere dealer the difference.

    My 17 year old Deere 265 lawn tractor (not a riding mower) was sold this summer for more then you would pay for a new L120. but it was built right and will probably still be running 10 years from now. Now I use a Deere Z-trak 757. I've no worries about it's quality either. Rather a lot of machine for my simple 1 acre lot, but it will probably last forever.

    The point? Green paint isn't the issue. Buy the right class machine for what you expect, maybe even more machine then you need, and rest easy.

    And of course, if the investment decision is done right, AND it's green, well, like those of us that own them, you'll get a great value over a life-time of use and still have great resale value.
  10. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    Get yourself a hustler z. With my Hustlers, I could eat that hill for breakfast.

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