Which Mower is the Best??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Crash, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Crash

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    We have been landscaping in the same area for over 20 years. We finally have gotten fed up with having to turn people away when they ask us if we mow lawns. So next year we are going to start a fleet of mowers. Now...here is where it gets tricky. We have always bought our equipment from the local dealer in town and they have been pretty good to us over the years, but all they offer is Cub Cadet. I've heard good and bad things from Cub owners so I guess they're not out of the mix yet. I personally am partial to Toro, I've heard great things about them and our snowblowers have been excellent to us. Now I just found out that Toro owns Exmark and you can get the Exmark for cheaper. We will probably be purchasing a 60" ZTR and a stand-on or walk-behind for the first year. I'm just not sure which route to go.

  2. kaferhaus

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    Honestly they're all about the same so far as quality goes.... same engines, same drives, minor deck differnces etc.

    Exmark had a huge price increase this year and is OFF my list of potential purchases for that very reason.

    We mostly run Bobcats and are well pleased with them. I hear few complaints about the commercial Cub Cadet ZTRs... having a local dealer is a big plus but I'd drive aways if the money was right.

    This is a large metro area and locally the brands shake out like this so far as popularity goes.

    Cub Cadet
    Grass Hopper
    Ferris/Walker (few, very few)
  3. betmr

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    I'm all TORO! Groundsmaster 328D, 325D & 7210. All my walk behinds are Toro's too.

    Everything you need is at toro.com, owners manuals, service manuals, parts, the whole nine yards. most companies won't give you the time of day. Toro is really out there doing everything they can to help the industry, they're the best, always there for you!!!
  4. Petr51488

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    I thought exmark was more expensive then toro? Anyway i have an exmark and honda mowers. I mow much smaller yards then most of you guys out there, but exmark and honda are good in my book!
  5. Crash

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    They might be, I'm really not sure. I just heard it through the grape vine.
  6. ooo

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    Go try a Wright Stander if many yards are smaller ....I love mine.
  7. sslopok

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    looks like you are a neighbor. I live in Clio. Haven't seen too many people here from around mid Michigan.

    Any idea what dealer you will use? I have a good one that sells scag, exmark, cub, and walker. If you need me to hook you up just ask.
  8. Crash

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    Well thank you, I appreciate that. The dealer we've used forever is Weiss Equipment in Frankenmuth, but all they sell for mowers is Cub, so if I decide to go another route, I'll be looking for a good dealer.
  9. Toro Commercial is a really good product. Their other lines are no better than the run of the mill mower.
    I didn't intend to go all Toro. I've just gravitated toward Toro over the past 30 years. Mostly because it outlasted other stuff.

    This year I'm looking to add a Wright Stander. I've checked Toro's Grandstand and #1 Don't care to stand behind the wheels, #2 It's too big for my application.

    I'm an owner operator so I only want to have the best machines to run. Dependability, comfort, quality, it's all Toro commercial. Maybe Wright too. Even though Toro's more expensive I think they're a better value if you figure in breakdowns, longevity etc.

    Everybody's making standers now, but I think Wright's still the best stander.
    For something bigger I'd get a Toro ZTR with a kubota diesel. Bigger still I'd get a Toro 4100-D with a 10.5' deck.
  10. ramcat

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    john deere's got the 800 series figured out and they should be great mowers plus you can't beat the 7-iron deck and the 'green fleet' pricing(=discount when you buy multiple machines such as a 60 inch zero turn and walk behind) plus great dealer network and support.

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