Which Mower To Get??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by VT MOWER, Apr 10, 2008.


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    I will be starting out this year and I am looking for advice on what riding mower to purchase. I will (hopefully) be looking at 10 lawns a week (part-time). I want to get a good mower that I don't have to worry about breakdowns. Buying mowers from sears is out of the question.

    I was looking at models from Toro, John Deere, Cub Cadet, and Exmark.
    My budget is still up in the air but I want to get a feel for what YOU GUYS would buy for the amount of lawns I'll be mowing.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. GreenthumbGA

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    I have had experiance with a couple of those mowers and no problems, just preference. It is all about what you can afford. Buy new.....ride it hard, make your money and buy your next mower. Don't waste your time trying to find the steal of a deal. Pay the price for the mower you want and can afford. begin to build a good relationship with a lawn shop. Buy it from them at what they sell it to you for and every other peice of equipment you ever buy, buy through them. Even if it is more than ebay or 20 to 30 miles away.

    I have allways been this way. My lawn shop will drop what they are doing and fix any problem I have right then and there. It is called loyaly. Brand is not as important as service. See what is being offered in your area and buy local...

    Just my 2 cents...
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    I would have to agree there. For ten lawns part-time, you are not going to need a Z, or a really wide walk-behind. Maybe look at a 32" walk-behind. Toro makes a really nice model. But yeah, try a few different ones out. . . it's all about what works for you.

    Buying from a dealer is a good idea, too.

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    you can not listen to people on this site about what mower you need to get , you do 10 yards are they 10 acre yards ? then you do not need a 32 inch walk behind...
    do you have a trailer? the 48 inch walk behind is nice if your yards are small, any mower smaller then that is a waste of time , little small areas is for push mower...look at the TANK if the dealer is near you, dont waste money on the recon or enforcer ..
    good luck
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    It all depends on how big the lawns are and what ur trailer can hold! I have used toro and emark walk-behinds and riders, love them both! If you can provide me a little more about ur situation, i will be glad to help you out!

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