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Which mower to get?


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Right now I have a 36in wright stander and a quick 44. I need to get another mower to use instead of the quick 44 because it can't handle any wet or tall grass in the spring. It also needs to fit on my 5 foot wide trailer. Quick height adjustment is important.

2 options:

New Encore Fusion 48" zero turn $3,400
- 19 HP Kawasaki
- foot pedal height adjustment for easy changing


Used 52in Everride Stander w/ grass catcher $3,650
- 23 HP
- Floating deck with rapid adjustment
- 322.5 hours

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance, I don't know what I would do without this message board!


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I forgot, whats most important is:
- ease of height adjustment (customers want different heights all the time it seems)
- cut wet spring grass & general cut as well
- value

Also if there is another type of mower similarly priced I should look at, let me know


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The problem I see is catering to the customer's choices on cut height,
in my book the only thing that translates to is cutting too short...

Ain't no mower on the market that can handle it but so well...

On the choices you mentioned I'd opt for the stander only because that Ztr is likely not commercial grade,
I don't see how it could be for that low a price, plus I like Everride but that wasn't the choice-defining reason.
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Everride, the floating deck is nice, although i suspect the encore would as well, but the rapid height adjustment is nice for you, and the grass catcher is a nice option as well. I believe everride is a more commercial mower as well. And I'd be very skeptical of a new z costing 3400. Like Topsites said, its most likely designed for a homeowner


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my only opinion is neither one. but i'm more of a brand loyalist than some and i happen to stick with a few select brands that i've come to know are extremely dependable and over all great machines in my opinion. those are toro and exmark.

DT Lawn Care

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Grand Rapids, MI
If you HAVE to buy one of the two, I'd go with the Everride. But as yardguy said, I wouldn't go for either. I would wait for a good used hydro walk-behind instead.