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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sharp Services, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Sharp Services

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    OK ... I know that I said it was a done deal ... first of the year I am buying a 42" Walker with a 20 hp engine.

    I was telling my local dealer (I have purchased every piece of equipment I own from him) while I was getting my old Echo HC-1500 hedge clippers fixed about this great mower I was going to buy. My dealer does not sell Walkers and advised me that I would be better getting a Zero turn mower and a mulch kit. That I would save money and time in the long run and that the machine was more versatile than the Walker. He said that they have a great vacuum set up with the external blower and bagging system. I could get this all for less than the Walker. He let me test a Snapper Pro 48 with a Kawasaki 19 hp on it and mulching kit. It did great ... but I have a good bit of straw in most of my yards and hear that mulching does not do well with straw.

    The Walker is $9725.00.

    The Snapper is $9245.00 (with bagging system and mulch kit)

    I do not know what to do. I have never owned a Zero turn mower or Walker. I do have friends with Walkers and they love them. The only complaint they have had is that they are expensive to fix.

    Please give me some guidance!!
  2. QualityLawnCare4u

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    We only have very few lco,s who use walkers and I also heard of the very high upkeep. I was in a ritzy area last summer and the lco next door had one and I heard him use language about his walker that would make a sailor blush. I went over to see if I could help him and he offered me his walker and said it stayed torn up. Had like around 350 hours on it and he was trading it at the end of the day on a snapper. Our biggest LCO here runs snappers and ferris and really likes them. I think the snappers have improved as of late. Their are also a lot of folks on here who like walkers but they are not popular in my area. BTW, my Z with a mulch kit and gators will eat up straw, you may have to go over it more than once if its real thick but it will chew it up.I do know that the Walker gives a real excellent cut but personally I would take a Z over one, but thats just me. The other few loc,s Ive seen run walkers are using them on high end commercial accounts that have to be bagged such as banks, and the walker does bag well.
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    If you are going to be bagging most of your yards you cannot beat a Walker. We have two Scag 48/19 ZTR, that we use where we don't have to bag. Cutting fertilized Zyosia and Bermuda needs to be bagged to look good. We currently cut the yards that need to be bagged with Toro 21's. We are going to be adding a Walker next year to cut down on the amount we use the Toro's. With the mix of accounts we do there is a need for a ZTR and a Walker. We maintain properties that are 10,000sft to 5 acres. A ZTR with a collection system will not produce a cut as good as that of a Walker.
  4. QualityLawnCare4u

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    See Sharp Service, already got 2 different opinions:D My point is YOU choose the mower that best suits your needs and accounts, also dealer support is of number one importance. You want a dealer that will get you going fast when you are broke down. I dont care how good your mower is, without dealer support it aint worth squat.
  5. stevo22

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    i'll put my 2 cents in on this one...i guess it will mostly depend on the properties you are cutting and what you can get away with with the best results...in my situation, bermuda and zoysia, i have been cutting with a 36 gravely prosteer with accelerator for 2.5 yrs...i do not bag every yard...i will side shoot it most of the whole yard then collect some at the end...maybe one to three dumps of the bagger...by shooting most of the yard the alot of the clipping fall through the grass which will reduce the amout to bag...

    when i made a decision to get a wide mower this year i made my decision based on this...could i get a mower to mulch only with and if i had to bag a little here and there, get by witht the 36...i bought a hustler 60/27, put the mulch kit on it and let er' rip...some props have to be double cut in small areas only, but for the most part i mulch every yard i can use my z...and this is mostly b/c of being behind due to rain and overgrowth...

    price wise, i would not let $500+- steer me one way or the other...i would buy the best machine that was taylored for my needs...

    no the i have a wide fast z, i plan on dropping some yds and any yds added will only be added if they fit my equipment...in other words, once you cut for a few to 5 yrs you can kind of pick and choose the yards to that is a good fit for your current equipment...i do plan on adding a walker w/i a yr or two and have the best of both worlds...not sure who said it, but a feel that a walker on bermuda and zoysia grasses can't be beat, but a good mulching mower like the hustler i have is a very very close second on final yard appearance...

    wouldn't it be nice to have a route that you cut wide open big yards two or three days and take the z...nice size properties with minimum bagging, ie-back yards, that you take the z and walker...and a day the is a dedicated walker route...

    that is were i want to be one day...

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