Which mower would you sell?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Here is the deal. I have been downsizing and getting rid of anything I dont have to have. I use my 737 (in the shop right now) on about 80% of my accounts to mulch with, and the exmark on about 20% to bag. The bagging yards are my more profitable yards and I would hate to loose them. I have tried using the accelerator on them which works fine on small yards but not on big yards with lots of straw. The exmark is at least 8 times faster on these. I just dont have enough accounts to justify 2 mowers anymore. I checked into a bagger for the 737 and it was over 2 grand which is less than a third of what I have been offered for the exmark. I considered selling the 737 but it is not worth as much as the exmark. If I were to put a bagger on the 737 it would mean having to take the mulcher on and off once a week (all my bagging yards are on wensday) and that aint no easy task! I thought about windrowing the bagging yards then hooking up the accelerator and finishing them up but have not tried it yet. I make no secret of my dislike of bagging yards but if they are profitable then I still do it. I really need both mowers for my clients requests but like I said just dont have the accounts to justify it.I have lately been getting several request for straw cleanups and I no longer dread them with the exmark. What would you suggest, dumping the clients that want them bagged. I figured it would take me a year and a half to pay for what I have been offered for the mower and the person is in a hurry wanting to buy the exmark and has cash. My common sense tells me to sale but my gut instinct for some reason is telling me to not sell. What would you do? Is there an easier way to bag yards that I have not figured out yet? Pine straw is a booger and fills the accelerator up in seconds where the exmark can chew it up and go much farther plus I dont have to get off the mower to empty it which makes the job a lot less tiresome. I used to use my 717(which is sold) to mulch with then go back over it with the accelerator but that was still very time consuming.
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    Sell both Danny and come and work for me...I'll make it worth your while :laugh: :clapping:
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    that sounds like a plan. lets all quit and join rod's team.:waving:
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    Rodfather, you reckon this ol southern boy would fit in up there in Jersey? Anywhere has got to be better than here:laugh:
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    Heck ya...just leave that funny accent ya got and learn how to speak joisy and you'll be fine :clapping:
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    I think you might have the accent part backwards:) ya'll

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