Which mower? Wright Sport,Scar Tiger Cub or

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by aka1, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. aka1

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    Hello, 1st year starting from the ground on up.My partner is going for a 48 WB, i on the other hand would like to sit on my butt.Looking to do small properties 1/4-3/4 acre lots.I don't plan on bagging but the need might come up in the near future.My local dealers have Wright,Scag,Walkers. The Wright Sport 48 looks like a good deal at $6000, but the bag system looks bad.The Scag Tiger Cub at $7000 is a nice machine but the bag system is $1800 which puts me close to a Walker GHS 23hp for $9000. Big difference in price, what do you guys think. This is a part time business as i work construction 7am-3:30pm. I dont mind spending money but i hate wasting money.What do you think.
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    Interesting no accounts and you are looking at the top of the line in mowing equipment :confused: While you have selected the top of the line this equpment isn't likely to appreciate.
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    I Agree With Hess, Go Buy A $2000.00 Walk Behind With A Velxie Or Sulky And Take The Other $5000.00 To Invest In Advertising.
    But If I Had A Choice I'd Go With The Scag Tiger. I Dont Own One But I'v Been Cuttin 9 Years, So I Do Know Mowers And The Scag Is The King Of All Kings! Good Luck Bro
  4. aka1

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    Well i plan on doing this for a long time,why should i buy junk.I have no other workers besides myself.I know that my 1st year might be real slow, but what if its not.A 48 hydro WB is at least 4500. A Wright Sport is 6000. I dont want used equipment because of problems.A mower is a tax write off, if your a legal business as i plan to be.

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